Letters to the editor published in the March 25 Explorer.

Disappointed with solon’s votes on topics

We are so pleased to learn of the passage of the four bills recently approved by the House of Representatives. These important bills are family-friendly and in line with the common sense thinking of the people of Arizona.

HB 2564, the Abortion Consent Act, passed 36-19

HB 2400, the state ban on partial-birth abortion, passed by a vote of 37-19

HB 2286, the charitable tax credit simplification, passed 55-1

HB 2288, allowing the corporate scholarship tax credit to continue beyond 2011, passed 33-23

With a conservative plurality in the House and a conservative governor, we are beginning to reverse the mistakes of the past in which the allegiance to the profits of Planned Parenthood was so apparent.

Unfortunately, one of our LD 26 representatives, Nancy Young Wright, chose to oppose three of the four bills. Apparently, support of the Planned Parenthood agenda did not leave our state with the departure of our former governor. We are very disappointed in Young Wright’s votes.

Joan and Warren Braun, Oro Valley

Book fest will be long remembered

The Tucson Festival of Books will be remembered long after they picked up the chairs following the two-day event, March 14-15.

Ideas, poetry, stories, history and humor spread all over the place, like the Tucson sunshine the day I participated. The volunteers gave information and directions graciously; the generosity of many local businesses was apparent.

As a new writer, I was encouraged especially by one stranger from out of town who stopped at my table and said, “I know your book.”

Looking forward to many more festivals.

Allan Meyer, Oro Valley

CCC did a great deal, but current plan not the same

Being conservative, I seldom agree with Dave Safier’s columns, but his observations about the Civilian Conservation Corps’ contribution to Sabino Canyon is spot on.

More than 3 million young men assigned to 4,000 camps served in the “Tree Army.” And an army it was, administered by the War Department and commanded by over 5,000 Army officers. The young men were issued uniforms, lived in military type barracks, stood inspection and observed military protocol. They were referred to as “enrollees” to set them apart from regular army “enlistees.” When their enrollment was over they too were given honorary discharges.

In the opinion of many, the CCC was the best and most productive of all the New Deal agencies. Some even say that The CCC won World War II. That is a bit of an exaggeration, but in the dark days of 1941 and 1942, the CCC provided a vast pool of trained military officers, plus more than 3 million men who had experienced military-style living and on-the-job training.

However, for Dave to compare the benefits of FDR creating the CCC to Obama’s deficit-raising spending package is pure folly.

Boris Baird, Marana

Put the stimulus money into state’s public education

Show me the money. Oro Valley delays making layoffs. Marana schools weight cuts. The state’s public schools face as much as $900 million in proposed cuts in fiscal 2010.

What is all this? What about the stimulus? Is the state of Arizona thinking about not taking the money from the stimulus?

We are going to be paying for this stimulus for a long time. So we should make sure that the Arizona governor puts it to good use, and that is in our schools. These children are the future of this country and we need to make sure that they get the best education available in Arizona. That does not mean cutting programs available to them.

Heidi Boatman-Morse

Legislators split on vote for ban of abortionoption

My first child was in the breech position, feet first, so I was rushed into an emergency C section. I asked about turning the baby around but was told it was no longer done because of the danger to the mother and the baby.

That was 25 years ago. Times have surely changed. Now a 9-month-old baby is turned around into a breech position to be delivered feet first. But just before the baby’s head can be born, the abortionist sticks scissors into the skull and sucks the brains out.

Medical doctors say there is never a case where this procedure is necessary for the health of the mother. It is called “partial birth” abortion because the baby is partially born.

The Arizona House decided to protect the most vulnerable, most innocent lives by voting to ban partial birth abortions. I applaud Republican Rep. Vic Williams for standing up for life by voting to ban this abhorrent procedure, but I am appalled that Democrat Rep. Nancy Young Wright voted with fellow Democrats for death, not life.

Lynne St. Angelo, Oro Valley

‘Cats show up for themselves, all of Tucson

The UofA Wildcats are the only Pac-10 team and the lowest-seeded team to make it to this year’s NCAA Sweet 16 round. The next lowest seed is a #5 seed, and the Cats have beaten two of the other Sweet 16 earlier in the season.

We’re proud of you, team and coaches, you’ve shown up for yourselves and Tucson.

Go Cats!

Jeff Jones, Oro Valley

People must step up, advocate for school funding

I enjoyed last month’s article about the CARE organization. I think that this group is doing a fantastic job to get the word about education to the public.

I do not think that people realize the dire need to step up. Next year’s classrooms could reach 30 to 40 students. This would be without any extra help from instructional aides. The custodial staff would also be nonexistent.

What kind of education will we be providing for the next generation?

Carrie Baldwin

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