Last chance to point out gross discrepancies in local campaigning.

LD 26 voters received a sleazy and inept hit piece from the State Democratic Party that’s over the top in  misrepresenting the three GOP candidates. Yes, State House candidate Marilyn Zerull actually said about college affordability “Tuitions may need to be raised.” And? That was a recommendation of the Board of Regents, issue being how much.

Vic Williams’ quote “there is too much government involvement in health care” was spun to mean Vic wants to cut health care for seniors and children. Again, pure BS.

Crap dumped on Al Melvin was simple lying. Al doesn’t oppose abortion for victims of rape and incest, and he doesn’t support funding cuts for veteran’s benefits. State veteran benefits are minimal, usually tax breaks. Hard to believe (so don’t) that a 30-year naval reservist who’s the son of a career army officer would endorse that. Democrats should put their shoddy copywriter back under the rock where they found him.

Other side — a letter published in this paper last week (responded to elsewhere) insanely attacked Democrat State Rep. Nancy Young Wright and completely misrepresented her actions on the Amphi School Board. She was the main player in cleaning that corrupt board up. The writer resembles a shrill version of Saturday Night Live’s Emily Latella. Republicans should park her under the rock next to the Democrat mentioned above.

Note GOP House candidates had nothing to do with the hit on Wright and the Dem House candidates, the same with the hits on Zerull and Williams, but those Dems should quit telling us how their opponents would be stooges for Maricopa County while they get mail sent and signs placed from groups featuring Phoenix return addresses.

Best Gotcha — SD 26 Democrat Cheryl Cage denies her $20 tax on golf carts proposal ever happened. Only Al Melvin downloaded it from her website and put it up on his before she could pull it.

The two most fraudulent ballot arguments are Yes on 200 and No on 102, while the two wackiest ideas are 105 and 201.

Proposition 105 is a complete overreach for a super majority that counts all non-voters as “no” on any tax or spending initiative. Why proponents got sucked into this instead of going for the same 2/3rds needed for the legislature to do the same could best be answered by GOP consultant Nathan Sproul, who has a history of over-reaching — and losing. Prop 201 is a union measure to legalize extortion by giving anybody the power to sue any builder for anything. Use union workers and those frivolous suits will disappear. Almost — almost — as sleazy as Prop 200, the payday loan scam.

The arguments against 102, the Marriage Amendment, are incredibly disingenuous. We didn’t vote on gay marriage last time in this form, that one included a ban on recognizing civil unions, this doesn’t. Yes, it’s already the law, as it was in California when the courts dumped it, and they are now re-deciding it via constitutional amendment. The pro-102 folks never tell you that, and just show fuzzy pictures of wedding cakes, indicating the depth of conservative incompetence this election.

The worst measure is Prop 200. In keeping the legislature from altering any initiative, we made those initiatives de facto constitutional amendments. Even if you think PayDay Loans are OK, the regulation of them should not be so enshrined. Liberals who have an almost childlike belief in the efficacy of regulation should note this is hardly the first time they have been designed by the industry being regulated. It’s passage would ensure future attempts.

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