Parishioners, not height, make churches strong

As a teacher and a teacher consultant for National Geographic, I understand the need for more space for a growing congregation as well as the importance of having a church blend into the existing environment. My issue is not whether to build a church, but why is there the need for such an extravagant height? The proposed new building at 63,672 square feet will seat the same amount of people with a 28-foot to 35-foot tall steeple, as the town council approved, as the church has proposed at a 35-foot to 45-foot height.

In the 1300s, the church was a focal point for a community and for crossroads travelers. Churches were built as tall as possible. I don’t believe the new St. Mark Catholic Church needs to establish this focal point at the entrance to Oro Valley. Many beautiful churches exist in the Tucson area and they blend into the natural pristine beauty of the desert. 

The outside of a church should not be as important as to what occurs on the inside. People make the difference to the overall strength, beauty and proper feel of a church, not the height. 

Sandy Martinez, Oro Valley

Problems arise when HOA board members have their own agendas

When a homeowners association elects board members, they should be elected to represent all of the homeowners. They should not come on a board with their own agenda or to please others for their own self-satisfaction.

In Sun City Vistoso, we seem to be having a problem with a couple of people on our board (not all) wanting a new state-of-the-art sports complex.

In this economy we have people living on fixed incomes as well as widows and many people living alone without a large income.

In fact, we had a former homeowners’ association board member tell some people at a group meeting, “If you do not like what we are doing, move.”

That is sometimes what you deal with when a HOA elects the wrong people with their own agendas.

It has also been strongly suggested that we update our homes to sell faster since this is a older community.

A name change for Sun City has been suggested because we are told it is too dated.

There are many residents very concerned about what is going on in Sun City Vistoso.

Believe me, there is peer pressure among older adults.

I do want to compliment our board and general manager because all of the meetings are open to our residents and we are well-informed as to what is going on.


Sandy Santoro, Oro Valley

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