Do not sign recall petition in Oro Valley

Let cooler heads prevail. Don’t sign the recall petition. The PAC-PAC group ( have made themselves merely the representatives of a disgruntled small group determined to destroy the town council for their own personal agenda, while at the same time dragging the town backwards.

Their recall petition professes the council members have been negligent in their management of the town’s budget. Yet the PAC-PAC group is willing to waste town money and time on a recall election which will damage not only our town’s future economic development, but create a negative reputation, and turn away potential businesses and families down the road.

Enough is enough. Ms. Snider and Mr. Hornat won the election. Their work will be reviewed in 2014. The intelligent voters of Oro Valley will decide at that time, as they did the last time, who will represent them.

Michael Quinn, Oro Valley



Anxious for road Project to be completed

I’m wondering why the La Cañada Road-widening project is taking so long to complete? Every time I drive down this road, all I see are parked tractors and no workers. Why isn't anyone working? I've never seen such slow construction.

Perhaps it is on schedule; perhaps I am just imagining things. But I never see a bunch of workers working, driving the construction trucks, actually doing something pertaining to the roadwork. In Phoenix, they seem to complete construction projects lightning fast. In Tucson, they seem to take their sweet time.

Time is money. Let's finish this project already.

Rick Kaiser, Oro Valley

Editor's note: The Explorer will report on roadwork projects in Northwest Tucson in next week's edition.

Sad about apathy re: Coyote Run

I am discouraged by the apathy of maintaining the stellar transit system Coyote Run in our community that encourages independence to the elderly and handicapped. This system provides transport to necessary appointments and more.

Some of the (Oro Valley) council members are willing to throw this system out and replace it with the expansion of the RTA service. This service has not presented an adequate example of transport for the individuals serviced by Coyote Run. Several meetings, including public hearings, have reviewed the options and although Coyote Run was saved on June 1, it may now be the chopping block again.

The RTA system has been granted money to improve its operation, particularly the service for the disabled, but has not delivered on its promises. The Oro Valley council is voting on a service they don’t use. Ideas to help fund Coyote Run have been thrown aside, and patrons without a voice have been overlooked.

Carol Hunter, Oro Valley


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