In 2008, as I campaigned for the Arizona Legislature, I heard from household after household about their concerns regarding the effects of illegal immigration on our state.

From January to October of that year I stopped at over 9,300 homes, which resulted in well over 3,500 conversations that took place on front porches, in living rooms and in kitchens with the voters of Legislative District 26.

Illegal immigration is one of our state's top three issues, along with our budget crisis and keeping public education tax dollars in the classroom.

For over 35 years, our federal government has failed us in securing our border, cutting off the employment magnet and public services which draw illegal aliens to Arizona and our country.

It became a campaign commitment that if elected, we in the state legislature would work towards developing state-based illegal immigration laws that would try to mitigate the impact of illegal immigration on our schools, our social services and our public safety systems that have been stretched so dangerously close to the breaking point during this recession.

In April of this year, we took just that action by developing and voting forward SB1070. Then Gov. Brewer had the courage, foresight and commitment to signing in to law the nation's toughest illegal immigration enforcement.

Since then, Arizona has been unfairly attacked by many members of the media that have tried to portray SB1070 as something other than it is. These actions have caused a national firestorm over illegal immigration. It has brought this topic to the forefront of the national political agenda, with nearly 70 percent of the country siding with our state's actions.

As I continue to walk from house-to-house in Oro Valley, Marana, the Catalina Foothills, Flowing Wells and SaddleBrooke, I am receiving an overwhelming outpour of support for the actions that we have taken.

This support is shown by almost every Arizonian I come in contact with. It comes without regard for party affiliation or social background.

We in the Arizona state legislature will continue to fight this battle to insure that the following happens: That our borders and ports of entry become secure. That the employment magnet is cut off to those trying to work in this country outside of the law. That we stop providing the social services, that should be exclusively entitled to our citizens and legal residents of this state, to those who try to live here illegally. And finally, and some way the most important, that we develop a guest worker program for those who want to come to this country legally to work.

All of these are the basic tenants of the rule of law. Without them, we are lost and very well may become like the counties that these aliens are fleeing from.

I would like to know your thoughts and feelings on this issue. Contact me at 390-9946 or e-mail me at

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