Letters to the editor published in the July 15, 2009, edition of The Explorer.

Take the 4th event back to Harn park

I am writing in regard to the Town of Marana's 4th of July celebration held this year at Arizona Pavilions.

I didn't personally attend the event, however a half dozen family members did, and their reports weren't encouraging.

I began to have reservations as soon as I learned of the location. Dirt, mud and asphalt aren't particularly inviting to begin with, but when temperatures hover around 100 degrees they are even less so.

During a number of previous July 4th celebrations I have volunteered to help direct traffic at Ora Mae Harn Park. Cars would usually begin rolling in as early as 10 a.m., and by 4:30 p.m. the parking areas were nearing capacity, booths were crowded, families were gathered around the shade trees and dozens of people were sitting on the grass listening to the live music.

When I drove by Arizona Pavilions on Cortaro at 4:30 p.m., needless to say no one was listening to music sitting on the dirt (or even in folding chairs); in fact with the exception of a few people manning customerless booths, the place was essentially deserted.

I was also told that the smells from the sewage plant discharge wafting in from the Santa Cruz River basin weren't particularly inviting, nor were the clouds of mosquitoes. I hate to think what the dirt area would have turned into if it had rained.

In light of these observations, may I suggest that the Marana Town Council consider returning future 4th of July celebrations to Harn Park with its cool grass and inviting shade.

Best regards,

Mike Menzel, Continental Ranch

Family happy To help with food drive, cash

We are just so thrilled to tell you that we collected $897 and some food items for the Marana Food Bank from the 4th of July Spectacular Fireworks Celebration in Marana.

The line never ended, we were busy the full four hours of the event. So many people that came to our booth thanked us for our service, gave more than the suggested donation, and in general were happy to have us there.

On a personal note, our entire family was deeply touched to do this act of service for the community. The children were so happy to pass out flags and make snow cones for a good cause. As Angela was once a single mother many years ago, the Marana Food Bank helped her at a time of need. It felt so good to her to have this act of service come full circle.

Any opportunity we have to help the food bank again, we will. We hope to do the booth again next year.

All our best,

Joe and Angela Stieber and family, Sears Home Appliance Showroom, Marana

Politicians must do what the voters want

In his rant regarding Emil Franzi, Ben Love made the statement "Voters probably would not approve a sales tax increase even if it was on the ballot."

Politicians are supposed to listen to the voters and then do what they want, and not do what the voters don't want. The "this will hurt me more than it hurts you" adage our parents used when we all young kids doesn't apply in politics. Voters aren't children.

Politicians who don't do what the voters want don't stick around. Does Ben think Democrat politicians, who are pretty uniformly pushing a massive tax increase, are smarter than the voters? It sure sounds like the Republican legislators, who are doing exactly what the voters want and not increasing taxes, are the smart ones.

Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley

$10K, to figure out path to a larger deficit

It is impossible to describe how flabbergasted I was when I opened last week's Explorer and read the article on the shelter. Only a month after holding our police and other city employees in a hostage of fear that they may lose their jobs, you spend $10,000 to figure out ways of creating a bigger budget deficit next year.

Why was this done? Because Latas wants to save someone's pet that the owner did not care enough to tag and / or have an identification chip inserted in his or her animal.

Police officers are paid substantially more than animal control officers and rightfully so; diverting them from police duties to get cats out of trees is idiotic. Spending money on capital improvements for our own shelter, training and retention of officers and supervisors and, other layers of a bureaucracy for a shelter is equally foolish.

Spending the $10,000 was a huge mistake after you raised our taxes via the extension of the utility tax. Enough is enough, stop wasteful government, fill the potholes and quit lying awake and night dreaming of ways to spend money you would not spend, if it were your money.

Ronald R. O'Neil, Oro Valley

Walls don't tower; Pusch Ridge does

Towering? Use of hyperbole such as this is counter-intuitive when the sound barriers are viewed with the towering Pusch Ridge in the background dwarfing everything in sight.

I would advise Mr. Moutafis that his efforts should take the larger view regarding money and water problems instead of the esoteric "concrete canyons" he decries.

Do we really have the money to afford a development review board? Let the people decide these matters of import.

It may be a rude awakening to Mr. Moutafis that many of Oro Valley's citizens desire smaller government not larger. The sound barrier is less intrusive than expanding government telling us what is best for us.

Be careful what you ask for … you might get it.

David Hampton, Oro Valley

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