Letters to the editor for June 25

Feed the goats on buffelgrass

Re: Buffelgrass: Noxious weed threaten sensitive plants (The Explorer, June 4).

The above referenced article was one of the most unintentionally funny things I have read in months. The efforts taken by the authorities have zero chance of success in limiting the spread of this grass.  Indeed, fire may even help it spread. At the risk of stating the obvious, may I offer a solution: transhumance.

Mexican goatherds and their flocks should be brought up here and allowed to carefully go after the grass. This would kill two birds with one stone. First, it would cost the taxpayer nothing. Second, it would protect native plants, sort of, because the grass is easier for the goats to eat than native plants.

Finally, if something sensible like this was done, perhaps, Monterrey’s “El Rey del Cabrito” might be induced to open a branch here, which would certainly get my trade and obviate the cost of hauling most of the beasts back to Mexico.

Larry Glenn


Dependence upon oil not a political woe

In a letter to the editor of June 17, 2008, Rick Cunnington claims that high gas prices are caused by Democrats refusing to allow drilling domestic oil reserves (in protected wilderness areas). Apparently, he cannot search the Internet for “oil reserves United States.”

The proven oil reserves in the United States, if fully tapped and available, would only last 3-1/2 years if we switched over to using them exclusively. If we were to use them at the rate we now use domestic oil, they might last 11 years. The big oil companies would be charging us full world market price anyway because they can.

The only way out of oil strangling the economy is to reduce our need for petroleum. Vehicles that use much less gas per mile, something that Republican Congresses have refused to mandate, would be a good start.

This is not really a political issue. It is a matter of knowing what we need to do and having the will to do it.

Ignoring the facts and the warnings of scientists is not helpful.

The growing economies of China and India are consuming oil at an ever-increasing pace. We need to lead the way in developing vehicles and industries that use little or no petroleum while not diverting prime agricultural land from food production.

D. Evans


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