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U.S. Capitol Police officers scuffle with insurrectionists after they breached security fencing on Jan. 6. 

Lying Liberals

I feel compelled to reply to the falsity and the lies written by Mr. Craig Whaley and Mrs. Dana Allmond in their letters.

In primis, I always found amusing the fairy tale about voter suppression: in fact as a legal immigrant the first thing I did, almost three years ago, was to apply for my Social Security and my driver’s license, therefore I believe every American citizen should have one personal ID and should be required by the law to vote showing an ID. 

About 99% of the countries in the world require the same to vote and I don’t really see the problem with it. Dems claim that poor people wouldn’t vote just because they are poor and can’t pay for an ID. We have poor people in my Fatherland and no one has ever thought to complain about showing an ID to vote. If Mr. Whaley really believes that Biden had obtained more votes than Hillary and Trump, why don’t we check the signatures on the mail-in ballots?

 In secundis, Mr. Whaley is complaining about Trump lying about the COVID-19 and is praising a mysterious Biden’s plan that, we know now, it doesn’t exist. It is hilarious how Democrats complain about Trump tweeting and exposing his thoughts on Twitter and then complain that he was “hiding” his truth about it.

In regard to the so-called sedition and insurrection, I wonder where Mr. Whaley and Mrs. Allmond have been hiding in the last four years and specifically in the last 12 months. 

First, it is a lie that Trump has incited his supporters to violently protest, In fact, there is not one single footage in which Trump is asking his supporters to take Capitol Hill by force, instead there are several official documents that show that Capitol Police knew about this a few days before Jan. 6.

But, in addition to that we have had Democratic representatives and senators and liberal journalists calling for violence against the Republicans and the POTUS and speaking in support of the violence of Antifa and BLM.

Alberto Agostini, Oro Valley Resident


Bad Drivers

I am appalled at the blatant speeders in this town. 

For the minority of those who find it necessary to speed, a suggestion is obey the speed limit. This way you can avoid accidents, killing someone or raising your car insurance.

I was under the impression the speed limit in residential areas is 25 MPH and on some main thoroughfares it is 40 MPH. Why is it necessary to go 60 MPH?

For us who need to walk, we are taking our lives with these ignorant speeders. 

Finally, there are those who block the crosswalk and the walkers need to adhere to their stupidity. I was under the impression the pedestrian has the right of way.

Peter Monteverde, Tucson Resident


Mean Greene

I am horrified at the conduct of U.S. lawmakers who lie to the American people and wish them death. I’m an Army veteran from Marana AZ who sacrificed for over 23 years on active duty to defend our democracy and the rule of law. I must speak out about threats to murder U.S. lawmakers. 

Why doesn’t Title 18 United States Code apply to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Greene and I swore an oath to defend our U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. American citizens count on her to protect and fight for their civil liberties and human rights. She explicitly calls for the violent and permanent silencing of Democrats, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Cori Bush and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who call for the impeachment and conviction of Donald J. Trump.

We must not allow her vicious ad hominem attacks and murder threats against government officials to go unpunished. Our constitutional right to free speech does not entitle her to flagrantly tell her supporters it is justifiable to murder her colleagues in Congress who disagree with her beliefs and opinions.

The only acceptable option for American citizens still dedicated to the rule of law is to unite and demand Rep. Greene and other congressional members who threatened and condoned murder of congressional members be legally charged with felonies, jailed, censured, removed and barred from committees, and expelled from Congress. 

No one is above the law, especially those who make the laws of our nation.

Dana Allmond, Marana Resident


Prunty’s Position

Oro Valley’s business community took another gratuitous knockout punch from the town council on January 6, 2021. Leading the charge was Vice Mayor Melanie Barrett. In her opening remarks about the Kai property zoning change, she said she didn’t have time for a PowerPoint presentation, but took an adequate amount of time to have created one. Her conclusion mistakenly inferred that the town’s general plan was fixed and therefore current zoning prevailed.

The town’s General Plan is a living document created to make changes as the town grows. The plan clearly states it anticipates that changes will occur during the lifespan of the plan, it will monitor progress and success and make changes when necessary, solicit residents recommended changes, additional special planning areas may be identified, and any changes that may be needed may be addressed through the process outlined in the plan.

One concept that Barrett misses the point completely is Oro Valley’s economic engine, which is measured by its primary economic denominator. Our economic engine is measured by one key metric that defines the essence of our general plan and is tied to the long-range goal. And that metric is revenue.

Citizen testimony, business testimony, and recommendations by the town’s staff recommending change fell on the deaf ears of Barrett, Tim Bowen, Joyce Jones-Ivy and Josh Nicholson. Knowing the rezoning would not pass the council, Winfield voted for the rezoning to convey the impression he was an advocate for the change.

In a recent report, the National Home Builders Association stated that the one-year economic impact of building 100 single-family homes with an average price of $378,000 is astronomical. Those 100 homes generate an estimated $28.7 million in local income, $3.6 million in revenue for the local government, and 394 jobs for the local community. The Kai’s request for rezoning would have created a project that would have contributed to those numbers. Again, the construction engine of growth is shut down in Oro Valley!

 James Prunty, Oro Valley Resident


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