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Does Young Wright truly have children’s interests at heart?

Rep. Nancy Young wright (LD-26) was appointed, not elected, to her seat in the Arizona Legislature. She is now running for election to that seat.

Her campaign is claiming she would work for our children’s education. Given her history as a school board member, I strongly disagree.

Nancy Young wright claims to stand up for our children and says she will fight to improve education.  This is the same woman, and the only member of the Amphi School Board, who opposed building a new high school when it was desperately needed. Ms. Young wright knowingly allowed students to suffer in overcrowded schools for over two years while the taxpayers footed the unnecessary bills. She needlessly cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to stop the construction of Ironwood Ridge High School. Further expenses were incurred for security guards to protect the planned school site from the bitter controversy.

Taxpayers can read the investigative report done at the request of the Office of the Attorney General during Ms. Young wright’s time on the school board. www.auditorgen.state.az.us/Reports/School_Districts/Districts/Amphitheater_USD/SIU/SIU00-2.pdf

Ms. Young wright, as a elected member of the Amphi School Board, had a duty to oversee expenses. These improperly authorized expenses, totaling over $528,036, were caused in large part by Ms. Young wright’s participation in the delaying tactics for the building of Ironwood Ridge High School.

Nancy Young wright, who has been dismissed as an “environmental terrorist” (source: www.tucsonweekly.com/tw/04-02-98/curr1.htm)  obviously has her own agenda, an agenda I don’t believe serves the interest of the taxpayers.

Voters, ask yourself: Does Nancy Young wright really have our children’s best interest as her priority?

Conny Culver

Oro Valley

For quality, no choice but Cage

Members of the Republican Party threw out one of the most qualified legislators in the state of Arizona when Al Melvin defeated Pete Hershberger in the primary election. After spending 20-plus years of my life working with legislators on both the state and national level, my evaluation of Hershberger would place him on top of the list as a quality legislator.

I have read Melvin’s qualifications and I am anything but pleased with Melvin. The reason the state of Arizona always ranks (49th or 50th) at the bottom when compared to other states is because too many of our legislators are from the Phoenix area and have a right-wing vent, like Melvin, for solving our state’s problems.

Quality Republicans and Democrats are our answer for developing a quality state. Therefore, if we want quality legislation from Phoenix, we have no choice but to elect Cheryl Cage.

Fred J. Koch

Oro Valley

Elect Dems, and end ‘business as usual’ in Phoenix

When I arrived in Arizona in 1991, state government had a bad reputation. The leaders of the Legislature were ideological extremists who ignored the pressing needs of a growing state and spent their valuable time debating wedge issues.

Seventeen years later, the same sad description can still apply to much of what goes on in Phoenix. Thankfully, those of us who live in Northwest Pima County have a way to send a message that “business as usual” will no longer be tolerated. We can elect Cheryl Cage to the State Senate, send Don Jorgensen to the State House and keep Nancy Young Wright as our other representative in the State House.

Cage and Jorgensen are accomplished and experienced business owners. Young Wright is a noted community activist and former Amphitheater School District board member. During the past two weeks, I saw them in action against their opponents in several forums and debates. The contrast between the two teams could not have been more stark.

Cage, Jorgensen and Young Wright talked about how they would work to broaden our economic base, fully fund public education, address our crumbling infrastructure and develop alternative energy solutions. They were specific and precise in making their proposals.

Their opponents wasted time at these events talking about gay marriage, private school vouchers and proposing that nuclear power plants be built here in Southern Arizona. They showed a woeful ignorance of the legislative process, especially with regard to crafting a budget. It was clear that their goal was to incite and divide the electorate and distract us from the mess made by the legislative leaders whose bidding they will do if elected.

Aren’t we tired of making the same complaints about our state government? Are we going to keep electing the same people and let them ignore the same problems, while they waste our time with debates over guns in bars and flags in classrooms? How can the second fastest growing state in the union continue to tolerate people like this in leadership roles?

If you are sick and tired of the politics that have been practiced in Phoenix, send a strong message this election. Vote for Cage, Jorgensen and Young Wright as our advocates and voices in the Legislature. The time is now to send the extremists home.

Rex Scott


Jorgensen has her vote in 26

Don Jorgensen has my vote for state representative from LD26.

Don’s vision and understanding of Southern Arizona issues has earned him the endorsement of such diverse groups as teachers, the Sierra Club and the Chamber of Commerce. While the Republican candidates sing the “same old song,” Don Jorgensen is a forward-looking problem-solver and will work to find solutions to the issues that matter to Arizona’s future.

Republican candidates support better education without funding it; they have no plan to increase coverage for health insurance, but would perpetuate an already failing so-called “market” system; they support developers at the expense of conserving our natural environment; lack a coherent energy policy; and, support decreasing taxes on business, leaving the average taxpayer to foot the bill.

On the other hand, Don has a proven record of fighting for children and family health coverage. He has fought health insurance companies to expand health services for seniors, and he has worked extensively with businesses to expand coverage for employees. He will fight for supporting and improving our public education system which is a key to attracting businesses. He will work to protect our natural environment, while at the same time promoting “clean and green business development and the creation of a high-skilled high-wage workforce.”

These are all essentials to making Arizona attractive to business and keeping it a great place to live.

Anne Leonard


Once again, PETA proves itself to be irrelevant, stupid

In reference to an Oct. 1 item on page 2 about the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals suggesting Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream use breast milk to make ice cream ….


Once again, PETA proves themselves irrelevant, ignorant and stupid.

Are we to believe millions of lactating women are going to be sucked dry for ice cream? Please.

This whole thing has to be a satire.

Thomas R. Schuetz


Homeowners not in control in Vistoso

In 2008, law dictated the Vistoso Community Association would have a homeowner board of directors and no longer be controlled by the developer, Vistoso Partners. Such does not appear to be the case.

Seven members of the new board each month receive a “packet” of information “created” by Lewis Management’s manager. This is the same management company that the Vistoso Partners hired. These packets contain “chosen” information for the board members. The general membership is not given a copy; and there are no presentations to members who attend meetings. (This is in direct contrast to the Town of Oro Valley council, who makes packets available before meetings and gives presentations on a large screen for the attendees of any council meeting.)

At the September meeting, a “no-bid” contract nearing $700,000 annually was re-instated for landscape services. This landscape company is owned by a couple who is involved financially with the Vistoso Partners management company. Manager told the HOA board it was the “best deal.”

Since the election had a ballot box “stuffed” by the management company, one can guess that it was done to retain that contract and control of the HOA. The one or two directors, so “appointed” by management dictate policies among members. Freedom of speech is prohibited. Management company answers all responses directed by mail to board members. Most are ignored. Questions are scorned.

Legal representation of the HOA board is performed by the attorney hired by the management company, not the board. Yet the manager insists he is the “HOA attorney” when referring to him before the board.

Issues which extend management company authority or additional charges are placed at the end of the agendas, leaving no time to discuss, and shown as approved by the board in the following month’s copy of the previous meeting minutes.

In my opinion, unless and until the Vistoso Community Association hires a new management company, the Vistoso Partners will remain in control through Lewis Management. The HOA board members are merely figureheads.

Brenda Ryan

Vistoso Community Association member

Obama’s the one who gives Joe a chance to make it

Joe the Plumber’s faulty logic is that he likes to imagine himself making $250,000 when he          buys his plumbing company. He puts on confident and gruff airs like he’s Dick Cheney. He probably likens himself to Dick Cheney. He certainly likes to fantasize about being in the same tax-bracket at Dick Cheney. Be proud Joe. You are no Dick Cheney.

Conservatives like to talk about a level playing field with no referees, where the strong and the shrewd succeed. Yet today, it is only the conniving and manipulative who have a shot at wealth.

The American Dream, that Joe the Plumber pines for, of working hard and making a fortune, is under the boot of corporations. In today’s world, Joe has about as much chance of becoming a wealthy plumber as his son does of playing in the NFL. Not saying, it can’t happen; just saying it is not very likely.

So, he pledges his allegiance to the conservative candidate, because he thinks by not paying taxes he will somehow start hob-knobbing with Bush, Cheney, and Limbaugh – all such self-made men. Meanwhile, he is shooting himself in the steel-toed boot because the Obama tax plan directly affects him where he really is, not where he imagines himself to be. If he really wants to pay less tax, he should embrace Obama, not reluctantly shake his hand, and then defend McCain and his fellow Republicans.

Obama’s the only candidate here who actually gives the middle class a decent shot at the American Dream. Throughout this campaign Obama has been, literally at times, the only candidate to even mention the middle class. And Joe the Plumber, you are middle class.

Soldiering as a lackey for the conservative candidate, thinking he gives a rusty pipe fitting about you or your business aspirations, that’s just … well, I don’t want to call it low class. That’s just remedial class.

Peter J. Burns


This senior in support of the Naranja bonds

I would like to encourage residents of Oro Valley to vote “yes” for funding a new town park on Naranja. I realize the economy is not good and many people are reluctant to have any increase in taxes. The benefits of having a much-needed park are many and should be considered.

First and foremost, if we are ever going to have another park we should stop procrastinating. The land is purchased, the plans are drawn and the cost will never, never become less expensive — now is the time.

We need:

Open space with ball fields, tennis courts and areas for citizens to congregate. Your property values will be enhanced if newcomers to the area see attractive open spaces for recreation and family activities.

Ball fields where teams can practice and not have to drive to Tucson parks like Randolph to participate in sports. Our community is continuing to grow and facilities for residents must keep pace with this growth.

Public areas where tournaments and community events can be held. These events may provide revenue for our community.

Lest you think the park is only for the young, I’m part of a large percentage of golden agers who feel exercise is vital. As a senior who doesn’t live in a planned community with tennis courts and chooses not to join an expensive club, my opportunities to play tennis are greatly limited. The public school courts are not available during the school year except on weekends. Currently there is only one public court at Riverside Park and that is usually busy. When you compare that to Tucson that has multiple public tennis courts at various locations, Oro Valley is sadly lacking.

I’m proud of our lovely wide streets and landscaped boulevards and I realize that living in a beautiful community does cost taxpayers. Good communities with enhanced quality of living cost money. As my mom used to say “Nothing worth having comes cheap.”

Let’s plan for the future development of our community by voting “yes” to a new park.

Carol S. Knapp

Oro Valley

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