Conduct Conduct 

The Town of Oro Valley Town Council Parliamentary Rules & Procedures and Code Of Conduct require that councilmembers shall demonstrate respect for the political system and for those who serve it, including other public officials, and shall show respect to all colleagues by acting in a professional and dignified manner.

Let’s see how long this lasts

James Prunty

Oro Valley Resident


Flu Fluke

As I read in the Explorer and other newsprint about every possible angle of the China virus, uh, I mean Coronavirus. I have to say there is some really really positive news here. We have completely irradiated the flu throughout the nation.

The flu has disappeared from the face of the Earth. We should be rejoicing! No more worry about the flu. All those annual deaths, hospitalizations and new cases that we don’t have to worry about any more. Actually, I’m not certain anyone was really worried about it as it was never reported with the fanfare that COVID-19 has. 

So, be happy while we all hunker in our bunkers...and remember mask-up everyone. Now we have something new to be thankful for at our Thanksgiving table. Oh, that’s right, Thanksgiving has been cancelled.


John Spitler

Oro Valley Resident


Faux News

have been watching several different news sources and have found that most news organizations only report news with which the outlet agrees.

It is fine for ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Google, Microsoft, newspapers etc. to have opinion segments, but when viewers never see a news item that might be controversial, it is a disservice.  

Show the news and let the viewer make up his/her own mind. People on the left and the right cannot even have discussions about a controversial subject, because the lefts response to a different viewpoint is to say “that is just a conspiracy theory.” There should not be a complete blackout of the news from left-leaning media. It is no wonder the left hates President Trump. All they have heard from their news sources is all the horrible things they think he has done.  

This is censorship.

Brenda Davies

Oro Valley Resident


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