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Regarding May 27 letter “Vote for Bill”: Dick Johnson, council member Piña’s former campaign manager, extolled the “proven leadership” of incumbent councilmember Bill Rodman. He cited his four years of experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission and his service as a council member as examples.

 What Mr. Johnson failed to mention is that Mr. Rodman is a proven leader in over-development, as his talents were applied to support wealthy landowners and developers, not town residents. During his four years on planning and zoning, Rodman never saw a General Plan amendment or rezoning he did not like.

 Rodman approved the following:  increased building heights for El Corredor apartments; a General Plan Amendment, ESL Amendment, and Rezoning for a five-story retirement community (Nakoma Sky) on 79.5 acres at First and Naranja;

Rezoning of 45 acres from 144,000- to 7,000-square-foot lots on Naranja near La Cholla; Rezoning 149 acres at Tangerine and First Ave (the Kai property) from 3-acre lots to medium density residential and commercial; a major General Plan Amendment of the Olsen property from low density residential and open space to medium density residential; a major General Plan Amendment of Miller Ranch from low density residential to medium density residential. The list goes on.

This pattern continued after his election to Town Council in 2016 when Mr. Rodman joined the Hiremath team in approving 13 General Plan amendments and/or rezonings. 

So yes, incumbent Bill Rodman has demonstrated “proven leadership,” but unfortunately it’s been directed at steering developer projects through and around Oro Valley’s General Plan process, Environmentally Sensitive Lands rules and town zoning codes.

Let’s elect council members that place residents first, not developers.

—Jack Stinnett, Oro Valley



Where did we spawn these rioters that think they can change things by crushing the dreams of our business owners in downtown Tucson? Perhaps they have too much idle time or they’re too ill-equipped to be on their own and are still living off the fruits of others. Maybe they received too many participation trophies. But, just as businesses are about to open and get people back to work, this wicked hindrance explodes on the scene unnecessarily.

It is one thing to protest the killing of an American by a stupid policeman and his partners: It is another thing to think that it makes it OK to break things belonging to others in the community. The two conditions are not, and should not be connected. One is a crime and one is a compassionate concern and sadness for the victim and family. Everyone agrees that the death of this young black man was murder. Everyone saw the video. Even the family of the victim knows what happened and has asked that these destructive actions cease.

What the hell is their agenda? Where did they acquire the feeling of not fearing the results of their actions to vandalize, loot or cause bodily harm to other innocents? What happened to shame? When did they lose the respect for their fellow man, if they ever had it?

Well, I have my own idea as to the answer: Political Correctness in its full coat of armor. In comes PC: Out goes freedoms. This is the modern plague that is starting to be the ruin of all of us and our structure of laws. We need to stand strong. If we give in, then we’ll have given up!

—John Spitler, Tucson

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