Nathan Grijalva

Ironwood Ridge High School senior Nathan Grijalva

Welcome to the offseason of the high school football calendar, where players, coaches and fans can all take a deep breath and fondly remember the highs and lows of the season that was. 

It was a fantastic year of football on the northern edge of Tucson, with Canyon del Oro, Ironwood Ridge, Marana and Pusch Ridge all making their respective playoffs. 

Over the course of the season, Mountain View stormed back from a difficult 0-5 start to win five-straight games, and clinch their section, concluding the year in triumphant fashion over Flowing Wells. 

There were too many spectacular individual and teamwide performances to count, thanks to the glut of talent that can be found at any of the six programs in this part of town. 

I’ve spent much of the last week compiling stats and checking them twice, producing the teams below. 

Enjoy the finished product and remember how hard each of these young men (and their teammates) fought through the grueling summer and fall months to reach this point in their athletic careers. 

Without further ado, here’s who stood out the most in a crowded field of talent over the past football season:  




1st Team: Trenton Bourguet (Marana senior)

Stats: 182/243, 2,460 passing yards, 25 passing TDs (6 interceptions)/86 attempts, 407 rushing yards, 5 rushing TDs

2nd Team: Zach Eidenschink (CDO senior)

Stats: 86/159, 1,984 passing yards, 21 passing TDs (3 interceptions)/82 attempts, 284 rushing yards, 3 rushing TDs

Honorable Mention: Hayden Parson (Mountain View sophomore)

Stats: 81/169, 1,274 passing yards, 8 passing TDs (11 interceptions)/64 attempts, 376 rushing yards, 7 rushing TDs

Running Back:

1st Team: Nathan Grijalva (Ironwood Ridge senior)

Stats: 236 attempts, 1,287 rushing yards, 9 rushing TDs (117.0 rushing yards per game)

2nd Team: Evan Lovett (Pusch Ridge Christian Academy sophomore)

Stats: 122 attempts, 1,192 rushing yards, 13 rushing TDs (108.4 rushing yards per game)/10 catches, 204 receiving yards, 2 receiving TDs

Honorable Mention: Stevie Rocker (CDO sophomore)

Stats: 130 attempts, 1,163 rushing yards, 12 rushing TDs (116.3 rushing yards per game)/5 catches, 182 receiving yards, 3 receiving TDs



Wide Receiver:

1st Team: Andrew Cook (Ironwood Ridge senior)

Stats: 33 catches, 765 receiving yards, 9 receiving TDs (69.5 receiving yards per game)

2nd Team: Isaiah Roebuck (Marana sophomore)

Stats: 37 catches, 661 receiving yards, 5 receiving TDs (73.4 receiving yards per game)

Honorable Mention: Jose Cruz (CDO senior)

Stats: 26 catches, 749 receiving yards, 8 receiving TDs (68.1 receiving yards per game)



Offensive Line:

1st Team: CDO

Stats: 2,007 passing yards/2,668 rushing yards /56 offensive touchdowns

2nd Team: Marana 

Stats: 2,928 passing yards /1,506 rushing yards /49 offensive touchdowns


Defensive Lineman:

1st Team: Justin McGrath (Ironwood Ridge senior)

Stats: 50 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles

2nd Team: Casey Way (Pusch Ridge Christian Academy senior)

Stats: 76 tackles, 19.0 tackles for loss, 5.0 sacks



1st Team: CJ Mustain (IRHS Senior)

Stats: 124 tackles, 4.0 tackles for loss, 3 interceptions, 1 fumble recovery, .5 sacks

2nd Team: Calib McRae (Mountain View Senior)

Stats: 74 tackles, 9.0 tackles for loss, 2.0 sacks, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble

Honorable Mention: TJ Cephers (Marana senior)

Stats: 92 tackles, 4.0 tackles for loss


Defensive Back:

1st Team: Eli Pallanes (Ironwood Ridge junior)

Stats: 26 tackles, 4 interceptions, 4 pass deflections

2nd Team: Coben Bourguet (Marana junior)

Stats: 50 tackles, 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble

Honorable Mention: Derrick Williams (Catalina Foothills sophomore)

Stats: 59 tackles, 3 interceptions, 4 pass deflections 


Special Teams


1st Team: Griffin Sauer (Ironwood Ridge senior)

Stats: 8/9 field goals (25/27 extra point attempts)

2nd Team: Jake Boling (Catalina Foothills senior)

Stats: 4/5 field goals (21/21 extra point attempts), 32-yard long



1st team: Jake Boling (Catalina Foothills senior)

Stats: 16 punts, 41.5 yards per punt, 4 inside 20 (long of 61 yards)

2nd Team: Evan Lovett (Pusch Ridge Christian Academy sophomore)

Stats: 27 punts, 36.4 yards per punt, 5 inside 20 (long of 60 yards)


Kick Return:

1st Team: Evan Lovett (Pusch Ridge Christian Academy sophomore)

Stats: 3 kickoff return TDs, 409 kickoff return yards, 45.4 yards per return 


Punt Return:

1st Team: Varney Larson (Mountain View junior)

Stats: 96 punt return yards (13.7 yards per return), 1 punt return TD

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