Cat Foot Salpointe

The Catalina Foohills Falcons beat the Salpointe Lancers 72-60 Friday, Feb. 8.

We’ve reached the most important stretch of the regular season in high school soccer and basketball, with the former starting its playoff calendar this week, while the latter starts its run next week. 

Play-in games for both playoffs begin Friday, Feb. 8, in girls soccer for Divisions 2A, 4A, 5A and 6A (3A doesn’t host a playoff), while the boys soccer play-in rounds in 3A-6A start Thursday, Feb. 7. 

The girls basketball play-in round for 4A, 5A and 6A starts is also this Thursday, with the first round kicking off Tuesday, Feb. 12 (3A/5A) and Wednesday, Feb. 13 (4A/6A). 

In boys basketball, the play-in games are held on Friday, Feb. 8 in Divisions 4A-6A, with the first round starting on Feb. 13 in 3A and 5A, with 4A starting on Feb. 12. 

Here’s how each team stands across Tucson’s north side entering the final stretch.


Boys basketball

The six programs of north Tucson found varying levels of success on the hardwood last week, with the Catalina Foothills Falcons going 2-0, while Ironwood Ridge, Marana, Mountain View and Pusch Ridge Christian Academy went 1-1 and Canyon del Oro went 0-2. 

The Falcons defeated Casa Grande (83-57) and Salpointe Catholic (72-60) to improve their record to 17-5 for the year. 

The Nighthawks split their contests, against Sunnyside (62-58 win) and Buena (80-45 loss), to fall to 8-15 for the season. 

The Tigers of Marana and Lions of Mountain View split their games as well, with Marana beating Buena (40-37), before losing to Cienega (50-38), falling to 14-13 for the year. 

The Lions split their games against Desert View (70-34 win) and Cholla (65-43 loss) moving to 13-11 for the season. 

Pusch Ridge split its games as well, falling to Sabino (67-39) and beating Sahuarita (62-60), moving their record to 21-4 heading into their final game of the season, on Feb. 8 against Safford. 

The Dorados went 0-2, falling to Salpointe Catholic (94-48) and Vista Grande (56-45) to fall to 8-15 for the year. 

Girls basketball

The same six programs fared slightly better last week, with Mountain View going 2-0, while CDO, Ironwood Ridge, Marana and Pusch Ridge all went 1-1. 

Mountain View beat Desert View (48-26) and Cholla (39-32) to improve their record to 13-8 for the year. 

The Dorados split their games, falling to Salpointe Catholic (55-46) before beating Vista Grande (68-40) to move to 9-16 this season. 

The Ironwood Ridge Nighthawks split their games against Sunnyside (51-45 win) and Buena (49-31 loss) to move to 12-12. 

The Tigers split their games, losing to Buena (41-39) before beating Cienega (53-25), moving to 17-8 for the season. 

Pusch Ridge also split its games, falling to Sabino (42-30) before beating Sahuarita (49-18) to move to 13-4 for the year. 

The Catalina Foothills Falcons lost their games to Casa Grande (56-24) and Salpointe Catholic (55-19), falling to 10-15 for the season. 


Boys soccer

In boys soccer, the Nighthawks went 2-0, while Pusch Ridge went 1-0, Catalina Foothills went 1-1, Marana and Mountain View went 0-2 and CDO went 0-1-1. 

The Nighthawks swept Nogales (2-1) and Marana (8-0), finishing the season with a 6-12-1 record. 

The Falcons lost to Salpointe Catholic, 3-1 in double-overtime, before beating Sahuaro 3-0 to close the year 11-7. 

The CDO Dorados lost to Vista Grande (3-0) before tying Douglas (0-0) to finish the year 7-7-3, while the Lions beat Vallley Christian (4-3) in their lone game of the week to finish at 12-8. 

The Tigers and Lions were swept in their games, with Marana falling to Cienega (6-0) and IRHS (8-0), finishing 1-10. 

The Lions lost to Empire (4-3) and Rincon/University (2-1) to cap off a 4-12-2 regular season.  


Girls soccer

In girls soccer, the Catalina Foothills Falcons swept Salpointe Catholic (3-2) and Sahuaro (2-1) to finish the regular season 12-6. 

The Dorados split their games, falling to Salpointe Catholic (3-0), before closing the regular season with a 1-0 victory over Vista Grande to finish 12-8.

Ironwood Ridge capped off its regular season with wins over Nogales (6-0) and Marana (4-0) to clinch the 5A Southern region title, with a 18-3-2 record overall. 

Marana lost both of its games, falling to Cienega (6-2), before losing to the Nighthawks to finish the year with an 11-5 mark. 

Mountain View split its games, beating Empire (8-0), before falling to Rincon/University, 2-0, to finish the year with a 9-6 mark. 

The Pusch Ridge Lions swept Valley Christian (1-0 overtime win) and River Valley (4-0) to cap off a 9-6-1 regular season. 

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