Tevis Media Day

Jared Tevis appears on the Pac-12 Networks' coverage of Pac-12 Media Day.

Pac-12 Network screen shot

Former Canyon Del Oro standout Jared Tevis was one of two Wildcat players to accompany Head Coach Rich Rodriguez to Los Angeles for Pac-12 Media Day.

Hill and Tevis appeared on the Pac-12 Network and much of Tevis’ time was devoted to answering questions about starting his career as a walk-on.

“It’s a blessing, Tevis said. “I wasn’t even sure I was going to get a shot at playing ball at this level.”

Tevis has not only earned a scholarship, but is one of the team’s captains and has been nominated for a few national award watch lists.

Tevis, due a lot to his size and perceived lack of speed, was not offered any FBS scholarships but wanted to play at the FBS level. He considered going to Pima, but in the end chose walking on at Arizona over walking on at Boise State, the school his brother attended.

“I thought that Arizona was the place to be,” Tevis explained. “I wanted to be in a D-I atmosphere and I believed in my potential and took the chance.”

Tevis holds no ill-will to Arizona because they were not the only school that failed to offer a scholarship, but that does not mean he has forgotten getting overlooked.

“I did have a huge chip on my shoulder and still do.,” Tevis said.

He recently graduated with a finance degree and was asked about the push for players to get more compensation. Tevis said he was just “appreciative of the opportunity” but added.

“I think there is a compromise to be made, but I think there is a change coming,” Tevis said.  

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