It’s the offseason and the NFL is making the headlines. That should speak for itself. However, if you aren’t impressed, arguably the biggest free agent signing recently took place. Not only was he one of the biggest free agent signings of all time, but he also happened to land in a particularly special place. This is because their previous quarterback was praised and hated at the same time, he would make the news regardless of how he played.

If you weren’t already aware, it’s official. Peyton Manning, former Indianapolis Colts quarterback has agreed to a deal with the Denver Broncos. Manning had spent his entire 14-year NFL career with the Colts until only a few weeks ago. He sat out all of last season due to a neck injury and underwent multiple surgeries. Now, Manning, 36, has come to terms to play for the Broncos for the next five years.

However, with all of this news, questions arose about former Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow. I’m sure everybody remembers Tebowmania from last year. He created so much excitement that his name became a verb and NFL fans from all over the country were “tebowing”.  From being told he would be the Broncos starting quarterback next year to being traded to the New York Jets. There has been quite a shake-up in Denver.

So now that we have had time to analyze and form our own opinion about the changes, it raises a question. Who’s the better fit for his new team?

Lets start with the bigger name, Peyton Manning. Although it seems like this would be the obvious choice because he is the prototypical quarterback, and most likely a hall of famer, he isn’t necessarily a better fit.

The Denver Broncos were known as a running team last year. Yes, this was partly due to Tebow, but not completely. The Broncos still have a strong rushing core, or at least stronger than their wide receivers. As of now, they are a team built around running the ball.

This is exactly what they don’t want. At this point in Manning’s career, all you want is an offensive line that will protect him and receivers who will catch his passes. The Broncos have not done a great job so far to build around Manning. Although it’s early, a lot of changes still need to be made in order for Manning to be successful in Denver.

On the other side of the country, the New York Jets are holding an interview for their back-up quarterback. Clearly the smaller name of the two, Tebow is getting plenty of attention. The Jets claimed that this move was a “football move” and rightfully so.

Tebow will be playing along side Mark Sanchez, who recently signed a three-year extension with the Jets. Similar to the Broncos, the Jets are a running team, which will be a smooth transition for Tebow. He will fit right into their offense and will make it even more efficient. By inserting Tebow into their offense, the Jets have made a scary good running attack. This will open the window for Sanchez who will be able to throw much easier as defenses defend against the run, not the pass.

In short, there is a much smoother transition from the Broncos to the Jets than the Colts to the Broncos. Tebow simply is a better fit for his new team than Manning is for his. Although the majority of fans are jumping on the Manning bandwagon, don’t be so quick to hop on.

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Really liked this analysis. Great column.

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