PRCA Basketball Camp

Cameron Drescher, a sixth-grader at BASIS Oro Valley School, goes in for the layup at the Pusch Ridge basketball camp.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

Dribble. Pass. Fake. He puts up the last shot for the scrimmage as the other nine players on the court watch as it drops through the hoop. Five of the players on the court cheer and high five as they celebrate their win. 

Scrimmages just like this, as well as other basketball games and drills, took place at the Pusch Ridge Christian Academy basketball camp last week. Boys between grades six and eight participated in the camp, which ran between Tuesday and Friday.

The basketball camp is run by Collin Johnson, the assistant coach for the varsity boys’ basketball team at Pusch Ridge. Johnson has headed it up for the last three years. 

The camp focuses on the fundamentals and skills of basketball through drills and competitive basketball games.

“Besides drills, we talk about life lessons. Things that can translate from the basketball court to the classroom, to church or to wherever,” said Johnson. “We also have a lot of fun too, so we make sure we have a good amount of everything.

Parent of one of the participants, Jeff Drescher, said that the camp is a great place for the kids to learn how to better play basketball and have fun at the same time. His son, Cameron Drescher, who will be going into sixth grade at BASIS Oro Valley School, has gone to the camp the last two years.

“I like that we get to play a lot of basketball scrimmages,” said Cameron. “My favorite is when we do ‘beat the clock’. It’s kind of tricky to get to the hoop in time and a challenge to make the layups.”

The game involves players dribbling from half court to the hoop and having to make a layup in a short amount of time. If the player makes the shot, he goes on to the next round and has to do the same layup with even less time on the clock. This continues until one player is left standing.

The next basketball camp will be for boys between first and fifth grades, June 10-13, from 8 to 11 a.m. 

A girls’ camp will be held for students between first and eighth grades from June 17 through June 20. 

The cost of the camp is $90, which pays for the camp, a T-shirt, and Gatorade and snacks that are handed out during the camp.




PRCA Summer Basketball Camp

Where: Pusch Ridge Christian Academy

When: Boys (grades 1-5) June 10-13, 8-11 a.m. Girls (grades 1-8) June 17-20, 8-11 a.m.

Cost: $90

Information: Collin Johnson 730-0826 or

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