Isabel Pacho

Isabel Pacho helped lead Ironwood Ridge to a state title.

2016 was another great year for high school softball and baseball on the Northwest side. Once again both CDO and Ironwood Ridge were terrific in each sport and we saw Mountain View baseball and Pusch Ridge softball qualify for the playoffs.

Making All-Star teams is never easy. When the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the state play down the road from each other, you know there is a ton of talent in one area. There are players riding the bench at some of these schools who would be the best players on about half the teams in Tucson. 

To make teams I made rules. Each team would have three pitchers, one catcher, four infielders, three  outfielders and a utility player. In addition one more outfielder or designated hitter could be selected. Players could only appear on the team once, even if they deserve at multiple positions. And there were a few players who fit that bill. Players who play multiple positions were slotted to a position that makes the strongest possible team, even if they might have been better at another position, in an effort to get the most deserving players on the first and second teams. 


2016 All-Northwest

Softball Team

First Team

P Mandy Lorenson, Ironwood Ridge

P Gabi Blevins, Canyon Del Oro

P Alyssa Lovato, Mountain View

C Isabel Pacho, Ironwood Ridge

IF Annika Baez, Ironwood Ridge

IF Loriann Olson, Ironwood Ridge

IF Katie Faulk, Marana

IF Arianna Acedo, Canyon del Oro 

OF Ellessa Bonstrom, Canyon del Oro

OF Brenna Griesser, Canyon del Oro

OF Jaiden Reid, Ironwood Ridge

OF Reina Bondi, Ironwood Ridge

UT Alexis Kaiser, Canyon

del Oro

Second Team

P Randi Longville, Canyon del Oro

P Kelly Decker, Ironwood Ridge

P Alex Van der Werf, Mountain View

C Emily Turecek, Ironwood Ridge

IF Skylar Bracety, Ironwood Ridge

IF Arianna Felix, Canyon del Oro

IF Allison Smith, Pusch Ridge

IF Jenna Martinez, Canyon del Oro

OF Zaylie Calderon, Mountain View

OF Reina Bondi, Ironwood Ridge

OF Kelsey Buechler, Ironwood Ridge

DH Wendy Castro, Canyon del Oro

UT Anya Gonzalez, Canyon del Oro

Honorable Mention: Diondra Bodman, Marana; Nene Campos, Canyon del Oro; Jessica Giacoma, Pusch Ridge; Morgan Haft, Ironwood Ridge; Emily Hartzler, Ironwood Ridge; Maddie Johnson, Pusch Ridge;  Halle Morris, Canyon del Oro; Kilie Lynn, Marana; Maddison McGowan, Pusch Ridge; Alexis Orth, Ironwood Ridge; Ashley Perdue, Pusch Ridge; Alyssa Roat, Pusch Ridge; Marisella Sandoval Mountain View; Ilena Santos, Canyon del Oro; Emma Stambaugh, Pusch Ridge; Bailey Thompson, Canyon del Oro; Maddie Vieux, Marana; and Kristina Wilson, Marana.


2016 All-Northwest

Baseball Team

First Team

P Nick Estrella, Ironwood Ridge

P Denin Parson, Mountain View

P Mike Santorelli, Canyon del Oro

C Tristan Peterson, Canyon Del Oro

IF Tyler Porter, Canyon del Oro

IF Derek Daly, Ironwood Ridge

IF Greg Brown, Ironwood Ridge

IF Cody Aquilina, Canyon del Oro

OF Jake Engel, Ironwood Ridge

OF Jacob Allen, Ironwood Ridge

OF Stan Berryhill, Mountain View

OF Jared McKemy, Ironwood Ridge

UT Spencer Packard, Canyon Del Oro

Second Team

P Christian Pearcy, Ironwood Ridge

P Josh Darang, Ironwood Ridge

P Aaron Noller, Pusch Ridge

C Adam Mays, Ironwood Ridge

IF Gabe Gordon, Mountain View

IF Mason Gavre, Canyon del Oro

IF Mason Myhre, Canyon del Oro

IF Cameron Sample, Marana

OF Jake Davis, Marana 

OF Robbie Ryan, Mountain View

OF Alex Bustamante, Canyon del Oro

OF Gavin Ortiz, Ironwood Ridge

UT Evan Weidenkeller, Pusch Ridge

Honorable Mention: Drew Hill, Ironwood Ridge; Carter Kahn, Canyon del Oro; Gavin Owsley, Marana; Connor Parris, Marana; Austin Stamback, Marana; Trevor Smith, Mountain View; Robert Summerville, Pusch Ridge; and Cody Treatch, Mountain View.

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