Cam Wierson

Cam Wierson has removed his name from the search for a new Marana High School head football coach.

Kingman High School football coach Cam Wierson will not be the next man to lead the Marana Tigers football program.

Wierson, whose name circulated Sunday as a possible candidate to replace outgoing coach Andy Litten, took to Facebook on Wednesday to explain his decision.

The former Marana assistant coach said he turned the offer after careful consideration, deciding to stay with the Bulldogs, who he has coached for two seasons.

“I have decided it is what's best for myself, my wife, and my kids at Kingman, to continue on as The Head Football Coach at Kingman High School,” Wierson’s post reads. “My boys in Kingman are special to me, and we're going to do extraordinary things this year that no one other than ourselves will understand.”

Opposition to Wierson’s hiring made waves on Sunday, with several members of the Tigers’ football team speaking out against the hire on social media.

There was a call by members of the team to wear black on Monday, April 9 in protest of the school’s hiring decision.

Wierson had the support of Litten, who took to Facebook himself in defense of his former assistant coach.

“[Cam] coached for me in my first year (my hardest year as head coach) and was one of the best assistant coaches I have had to date,” Litten said. “He’s(sic) was phenomenal with kids and truly helped get the program off in a positive note.”

Litten concluded his message, which was posted to the Marana Tigers Football public Facebook page, by calling on the community to rally around Wierson.

“Every change is hard but arguing about it will only cause heartache and setback,” he said. “Embrace this man as the leader in a way that both he deserves, and Marana deserves. Don’t listen to the vitriolic messages and show Cam how great this community is.”

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