It’s not too hard to miss Hannah Pearson practicing on the putting green. Among a group of adult golfers is a 5-year-old girl dressed in pink from head to toe – pink shoes, pink hat, to go along with her pink golf ball. 

But don’t let her age or favorite color of pink fool you. The young golfer recently placed first in a worldwide contest.

For the second year in a row, Hannah won in her age group in the fourth annual Best Pee Wee Golf Swing competition. The contest requires contestants to submit a video that shows different angles of their golf swing. Judges then score each contestant based on their technique. PGA Golf Professional Brendon Elliot heads the contest up.

Hannah’s dad and also one of her coaches, Carl Pearson, could not be more proud of his daughter’s accomplishments so far.

“I’m so proud of her,” Carl said. “For her to take up golf and be so interested in it – that alone I’m just amazed by.”

Hannah’s interest for golf started two years ago. After her parents bought her a set of plastic golf clubs, Hannah was found hitting golf balls in the backyard on a daily basis. Her parents, Carl and Avivi Pearson, were amazed by their daughter’s focus and natural ability for the sport. They signed her up for lessons and found her a coach – 30-year professional golf instructor Kent Chase. Chase has instructed junior golfers from all around the world including Cheyenne Woods, Tiger Woods’ niece, who recently won the Australian Ladies Masters.

Five days a week Hannah practices. Sometimes she is tired and doesn’t want to go so I don’t take her, but most of the time she wants to go and is excited, said Carl. Practices often involve working on Hannah’s technique, back swing, accuracy and strength. 

“It’s been amazing,” said Carl. “Every six months that go by we see massive improvement.”

Last year, Hannah automatically qualified to compete in the San Diego Junior Masters after winning Best Pee Wee Golf Swing for the first time. She competed against girls that were six and under. She ended up placing fourth and is the youngest player to ever have competed in the competition. She received automatic qualification again this year and wants nothing but to take home first place.

“She’s looking forward to becoming a PGA player,” said Carl. “She’s very self-motivated.”

Those aren’t just words coming from her dad either. When asked what number Hannah wants to be in the world she responds with “One, not two.” Even at her young age she knows exactly what she wants and apparently has made some promises to her dad if she wins. 

“I will buy my dad a truck, an RV and a car,” said Hannah, who also adds that she’s looking forward to buying a lot of toys for herself.

For right now though, Hannah will continue to prepare for the Future Champions Golf International competition in July. The competition was recently renamed after previously being called the San Diego Junior Masters.

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