For the 23rd year, Canyon Del Oro High School hosted the Elementary District Track Meet of “Everybody Wins” on March 2, which included 13 schools with more than 600 students athletes.

Anne Wheaton, physical education teacher at Mesa Verde Elementary, directed the meet along with help of CDO track coach Jim Truitt, CDO student volunteers, assistant coaches, and parent volunteers.  

Among the student volunteers was CDO senior Blake Martinez, a Stanford-bound football player.

The vision of the track meet is to encourage students to be healthy and to decide what kind of activities they enjoy doing.

“Our ultimate goal is to be healthy,” said Wheaton. “For them to make good decisions and to specialize in activities they like.”

Events comprised of the mile run, 50-to 400-meter runs, hurdles, long jump, softball throw, and shot put.  

Student athletes received ribbons and an achievement certificate for their participation in the events.  

“Before, Everybody Wins used to be competitive,” said Wheaton.  “We want to give kids an experience of a track and field environment that is less threatening.”

Also, included in the meet were the Adaptive Races for special needs students. The meet finished with the Shuttle Relay where eight student athletes from each school ran 40 meters with a baton in hand.

Wheaton was pleased with the turnout and appreciative of those who helped.

“I always analyze to see how to make it better for next year,” said Wheaton. “I appreciate Michelle Gerard, the athletic director at CDO, and those who helped.”

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