It wasn’t your ordinary Super Bowl.

The stage was set between the AFC Champion, Baltimore Ravens and the NFC Champion, San Francisco 49ers. A game dominated by headlines such as two brothers coaching against each other for the Lombardi Trophy and a veteran linebacker in search of a championship in his last football game ever. However, when Super Bowl XLVII kicked off in New Orleans all stories were put aside and the veteran Ravens took on the young 49ers who were four and a half point favorites entering Sunday’s game.

What turned into a 28-6 blowout after a record setting 108-yard kickoff return touchdown by Jacoby Jones of the Ravens to begin the second half dramatically changed when the lights went out in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. A rare occurrence for any sporting event, especially for football’s biggest stage.  

More astounding than the lights initially going out was the 34-minute delay it caused. Usually it’s only a few minutes and players are able to hop right back on the field and play. However, this time players were forced to stretch and keep themselves in the game as they fixed the issue.

When the lights returned, the 49ers saw a new light and took advantage of the delay. After scoring only six points in the first half, San Francisco put the pressure back on Baltimore by scoring 17 unanswered points in the ten minutes following the outage. The fourth quarter came with the Ravens leading 28-23.

After a quick field goal, Baltimore extended their lead to eight before another 49ers touchdown to make the score 31-29.

Another Ravens field goal ensued to give the 49ers one last chance to win. With the score at 34-29 with four minutes remaining, second year quarterback, Colin Kaepernick had the opportunity to mount the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

He took his team all the way down to the opponent five-yard-line where he was stopped three consecutive times attempting to throw the game-winning touchdown to receiver, Michael Crabtree. 

Just like that it was over and this time all the lights were on the Baltimore Ravens. 

In the end, most people would say it was a “feel-good story” as the Ravens became the best football team in the world en route a 34-31 victory. Their linebacker of 17 years and face of the franchise ends his career on his own terms by overcoming the odds and winning his last game. Even better, he does so by getting one last goal-line stand to secure the title.

Meanwhile, a group of aging players are finally able to conquer their ultimate goal before their playing days are over. Not to forget that the older brother, John Harbaugh was able to outlast his brother Jim.  

All in all, there’s no doubt that Super Bowl XLVII was a memorable one. Records were broken before, during and after the game. But in the end, the coveted Lombardi Trophy will go back to Baltimore for the first time since 2001.

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