Elton John: The Cut

Elton John and longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin announced today "Elton John: The Cut," a contest giving fans the opportunity to craft the music videos for three classic hits the duo has released over their nearly 50-year career.

Courtesy of YouTube

Have you ever stayed up late at night making your own music video, taking the inspiration felt from the work of one of your favorite artists to craft a visual story all your own?

With the help of YouTube, Sir Elton John and longtime musical partner Bernie Taupin have today launched “Elton John: The Cut,” giving fans across the world the opportunity to create visual accompaniment to three classic Elton John hits released before the video era.

“We’re giving new and undiscovered filmmakers from all over the worked the chance to create the official music videos for ‘Rocket Man’, ‘Tiny Dancer’ and ‘Bennie and the Jets,’ …We're excited to see creative ideas that push boundaries, tell compelling stories and give viewers something they have never seen before," John said in the YouTube video released with the announcement.  

The contest, which marks the 50th-anniversary of the duo’s songwriting partnership, requires that each video be created in a genre assigned to each song: “Rocket Man” must be animated, “Tiny Dancer” live-action and “Bennie and the Jets” must feature choreography.  

Launching today, “Elton John: The Cut” will accept public entries beginning on Jan. 9 of next year, with submissions closing on Jan. 23. Elton John and Taupin will work with a panel of YouTube creators and industry judges to select the three winners – and will fund the production with an online premier set for next summer. Any aspiring film maker over the age of 16 may submit after reviewing terms and conditions at thecut.eltonjohn.com.

Submissions will be reviewed and shortlisted by a panel of professional YouTube creators, who will then present the selected videos to the judges panel. After the selection process, John and Taupin will review the submissions before selecting the winners, who will also be given $10,000 each for future projects.

Watch the release video below

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