Accelerated Elementary and Secondary Schools (AES) student, Jose Gonzalez will compete in the worldwide Chinese Bridge Semifinals Proficiency Competition for Secondary School Students October 20. Jose will be the guest of the Hanban and Confucius Institute for two weeks as he travels through Yunnan Province in China.  Jose reached this intensely competitive level by first distinguishing himself in an array of preliminary competitions including the Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition for High School Students held at San Diego State University Confucius Institute, where he placed first.  

The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, warmly praised Jose’s outstanding performance and Mr. Zhou from Shanghai East China Normal University was so enthusiastic  that he recommended Jose be directly advanced to the China Central Television “Chinese Bridge” Final. Jose credits the rigor of his high school, Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL), and his Chinese teacher, Claire Wang for his accomplishments. He also expressed a deep appreciation for the gracious encouragement he received from Zhao Chen, Larry Lang, Yi Chen, and Yuan Yin of the University of Arizona Confucius Institute. He said, “Without their supportive words, I would not have believed my skills worthy of competing against such talented students of Chinese.”

On September 20th Jose will give a public address at the University of Arizona’s Language Day and on August 29th he was interviewed by NPR/PBS.

This is not the first time Jose will have traveled to China. In 2012 he accompanied “The Cognitive Learning Project” developers and Accelerated Learning Laboratory, to Hunan. He spent the summer of 2013 in Jinan, Shandong, China teaching English to surgeons at the Shandong Provincial Hospital.

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