Accelerated Learning Laboratory

If you’re looking for a “traditional” school for your child this fall, Accelerated Learning Laboratory is probably not the charter school for you. However, if you want a school that will free your child from the restrictions that go along with a “traditional” education, and if you want a school that will teach them how to learn (and how to love it at the same time), then you need to schedule a tour of A.L.L.

A.L.L. is a small charter school on the northwest side of town. Its curriculum allows students to learn as much as possible at their own pace. No student squeaks by with a D, acquiring gaps of knowledge that progressively make it harder to learn. In fact, many incoming students, who struggled at previous schools, are shocked that they earn A’s as students at A.L.L., despite it being the hardest classes they’ve ever taken. It’s not magic that causes this to happen; it’s cognitive science.

The school’s headmaster, David Jones, worked for years as a consultant, helping school districts fix their system by redesigning their program to deliver information in the way that students’ brains are wired to learn. He then decided that it would be more effective to design a school that is built upon cognitive science.  The result was A.L.L., a school where teachers focus on how the brain learns and how to teach in a way that students can learn efficiently.

You don’t have to understand cognitive science to see that A.L.L.’s method works. Students who entered the middle school barely able to do basic math and writing have gone on not only to graduate with good grades, but also to gain full scholarships at prestigious schools. Students who were sleeping through class and earning A’s found their curiosity awakened, and went on to take and score well on Advanced Placement exams and the S.A.T. before entering high school.

Should you consider A.L.L. for your child? Yes! The A.L.L. staff and administration believe that all students can perform at “gifted” levels if given the right opportunity. They are excited to share this opportunity with all students who want it.

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