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Well that really depends on your boating situation. Here is list that may help you decide which motor is appropriate for you.

Choosing a Four-Stroke Outboard Engine

• When you are required to operate in a "4-Stroke Only" body of water

• To use as a lake trolling motor when smooth and quiet operation is a priority

• Larger budget to spend on a motor

• When weight of engine is not an issue

• When you feel as though noise and smoke are serious factors in your purchasing decision

• To use as a kicker or emergency back up motor on your boat.

• If you don't want the hassle of mixing gas and oil.

• If you are dissatisfied with two stroke performance

Choosing a Two-Stroke Outboard Engine

• When you are not required to operate in a "4-Stroke Only" body of water

• To use as an emergency back up or kicker motor

• Limited budget to spend on a motor

• When weight of engine is an issue and you want the most power for the weight.

• Familiarity with engine repairs

• Limit budge on repair costs

• Hard usage and abuse and you want something that can be modified, repaired, and adjusted easily

• Speed, acceleration, top-end, and performance are issues.

• Interested in finding a good deal on a used motor. There are more used 2-stroke outboards available.

• If you want motor that all marine mechanics are certified to work on.

You really cannot go wrong with either choice. Both motors have their advantages and limitations. Right now you are safe to purchase a 2-stroke motor in most places and not have to worry about being excluded from boating. There are some lakes that require 4-stroke motors but the majority have not adapted these mandates yet. We suggest that you review some of the information on this page as a source of knowledge when it comes time to purchase an outboard motor.

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