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Can you see clearly in the distance while driving your vehicle at night, especially in Tucson which has fewer street lights than most big cities? Having dirty or cloudy headlights can reduce the light they produce by 95 percent. 

Most of us don’t get out and look at our headlights or even think about the fact that they may be getting dimmer and dimmer. So take a moment the next time you use them to look and see if they are dirty or getting cloudy. 

This happens as the lenses get older and older. Hardin Brothers Automotive uses a kit which will remove the cloudiness. You will be amazed at the difference. 

Call us today and make an appointment so that you can enjoy a safe, bright new year.

Tip: Get to know the warning lights in your vehicle. Learn which one is just a reminder and which one is warning you of a serious problem. Know the gauges in you car or truck and what is normal for your vehicle. This way you can avoid serious, expensive problems.

Call Hardin Brothers Automotive at 818-3200 for all your automotive needs. Visit our web site, www.hardinbrothersautomotive.com, and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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