Q:  Why do I need to have a cleaning at least every 6 months?

A:  Good oral health can only be achieved with a mutual partnership with the dentist and hygienist. The hygienist and dentist can clean the areas of your mouth and remove the harmful plaque and calculus (tarter) where you yourself cannot reach alone with just the toothbrush and floss. Without a proper dental cleaning, gum disease and cavities can develop, which may lead to a toothache and possibly early tooth loss.


Q:  Why should I go see the dentist if I am not experiencing any pain in my mouth?

A:   Prevention is key. If you wait for a toothache to develop, it usually means the nerve (pulp) may be involved. When the nerve is involved, it means bacteria has penetrated the tooth far enough that root canal therapy may be needed, or even worse, an extraction may be the only solution. 

Q: Why do my gums bleed when I brush and floss my teeth?

A:  Bleeding gums is an indicator of inflammation and gum disease. In a healthy mouth, normal brushing and flossing should not cause the gums to bleed. Left untreated, gum disease can cause looseness of teeth, shifting of the bite, pain and early tooth loss.


Q:  Why do I need a crown? Why can’t a filling be placed instead?

A:  Fillings are great solutions to repairing teeth as a result of small cavities or minor chips. However, a tooth can only support so much filling material. When a tooth requires more than 50% filling material, the tooth is prone to fracture. In a situation where a tooth needs to be repaired beyond the capacity of a filling, a crown is a great option. A crown protects all surfaces of the tooth and “caps” it so that you can chew with it and not worry about it fracturing. 


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