Camp Bow Wow

Tucson Airport Shuttle Service is available – if you board your dog with us while you are away. We will pick you, your luggage and dog(s) up, take you to the Tucson airport and bring your dog(s) to Camp Bow Wow. Upon your return we will pick you and your luggage up, pick-up your dogs from Camp Bow Wow and bring you home. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

$30 Round Trip – during normal business hours

If outside of normal business hours ad $25.

Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 6:30am - 7:00pm

Saturday 7:00am - 7:00pm

Sunday & Holidays 7:00am -10:00am

4:00pm - 7:00pm

Pick-up & Delivery Service - we offer a pick-up & delivery service for our customers. If your dog(s) are coming to Camp Bow Wow for Day Camp, Boarding or Grooming and you do not have the time to bring them and pick them up we will do it for you. We can also do one way trips too. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Round Trip Rates:

0 - 5 miles Free

5 - 10 miles $5

11 - 15 miles $10

16 – 20 miles $20

20 + miles $25

Pet Taxi – we offer a pick-up & delivery service for our customers and non-customers. If your dog(s) needs to go to the vet or any other location and you are unable to take them we will take them for you. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

One Way Trip Rates:

0 - 5 miles $10

5 - 10 miles $15

11 - 15 miles $20

16 – 20 miles $25

20 + miles $30

Wait Time is $5 per 15 minutes

Veterinary Technicians – there are two veterinary technicians on site at Camp Bow Wow Tucson. Elaine Karabinus, the Assistant Manager and Linda Burkett, the owner, are Veterinary Technicians.

Behavior Buddies Training – in May, Camp Bow Wow will be offering their own on-site behavior and obedience training programs. Garret Smoth, a certified Behavior Buddies Trainer, will be conducting the classes.

Pool Time – starting in the middle of May, we will be putting our portable wading pools in the play yards for our campers to enjoy.

Franchise – Camp Bow Wow Tucson is part of a national franchise called Camp Bow Wow located in Broomfield, Colorado, there are 155+ locations throughout the U.S. Camp Bow Wow was established 12 years ago and Camp Bow Wow Tucson opened on November 15, 2012.

Please stop by for a tour and to meet the staff.

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