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Wheel alignment is important for proper vehicle performance and handling, especially on newer vehicles. Improper wheel alignment can also cause dramatically faster tire wear. 

There are three basic adjustments: 

1. The “toe” setting determines how parallel the tires are to the direction of travel. 

2. The “camber” setting determines how perpendicular the tires are to the road surface. 

3. The “caster” is the angle to which the steering pivot axis is tilted forward or rearward from the vertical, as viewed from the side. All are important to assure proper steering, handling and tire wear. 

A visual inspection centers on the appearance of the tire tread and condition of the suspension and steering components. If an inspection indicates a problem, replacement of any worn parts and a wheel alignment will be necessary to restore proper steering. 

The use of high-quality suspension/steering parts and alignment by a qualified technician will allow the vehicle to perform as it was designed. 

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