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Border wall is necessary 

To the Editor,

Regarding Alisdair Innes’ response (July 12) to my letter (July 5): The real fantasy for some people is living in La La Land and not ground-based reality. I wish to state that at no point in my letter did I ever make any reference to the Mexican people or blame them as a race for streaming across the border. Do not accuse me of making that statement. I merely mentioned that it is the responsibility of the federal government to stop the influx of illegal aliens stealing across our southern border. As part of our Constitution states that our federal Government is charged with “stopping all foreign invasions,” and in my neighborhood, the illegal aliens stealing into our country is exactly a foreign invasion, OK? Could be any race or nationality. There could be as many as 30 million or more illegals here today.  By not stopping these illegals now, we would all be living in La La land as a fantasy to ignore the obvious: either stop these criminals, or we will succumb to them in the end. This is ground-based reality, not fantasy. There is much history concerning Texas and the Mexican border, with some ranches perhaps owning some U.S. land and perhaps some Mexican land, but that is not the major problem. A simple solution would be to buy out those ranchers by eminent domain. Three hundred million Americans should not be held hostage by a few ranchers. Before you start accusing me of making irrational statements, perhaps you should re-check the history of the Texas border yourself and then you might come away with the same conclusion I have made: We need the border wall. Have you spoken with the Texas Rangers? If you have not spoken with the American people who have been violated by these southern invaders or even spoken with the Border Patrol, you would be clueless in your ignorance. Just yesterday, I read about a woman abandoned by smugglers along the southern border/fence; just hanging there about 15 feet to 20 feet high on the border wall. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to live in the U.S., but I want them to enter legally, that’s all I’m stating. Stealing into our country is against our laws; don’t do it.  All too often these criminals entering our country illegally have nothing to lose so they do anything to get in here, and it costs us taxpayers’ money to evict them. Then they leave their litter behind for us to pick up or just rot there.  Perhaps you don’t care about our taxpayers losing money and our treasury being drained, but I do. The past eight years have been devastating to our treasury as Obama and his regime have increased our national debt from $8 trillion to $21 trillion while he was in office, and I for one would like to see our national debt reduced. Maybe you are so rich you don’t care about us taxpayers. If you spent “many years” working with Texas ranchers along the border, then you should know all too well that the invaders leave behind their trash, trample our flora and kill our fauna, as I have witnessed while living in Deming, New Mexico, shortly before I moved to Arizona. While working near Douglas, Arizona, I had many opportunities to visit along the southern border. Did you speak with those Americans who have been damaged, raped or had loved ones killed by the marauding bands of illegals? Have you spoken with the Border Patrol? I respect you and your views, but I think you are sorely misguided. In conclusion, I am standing by my assertion that we need the massive 40-foot to 50-foot wall to protect our integrity as a sovereign nation.  If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. We need borders and a Great Border Wall to sustain this great nation. Let’s get it done.

William Freeman

P.S. Socialists and liberals (some in the highest levels of our government) are ruining this country by lacking the intestinal fortitude to stand up and fight criminal activity. Maybe you don’t care to protect our future and perhaps you are one of the many liberals or socialists who want to give away our country to illegal aliens. I don’t!

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