This November, the U.S. will arrive at a fork in the road forced to decide which way to turn; go left and be on a slippery slope to socialism and one-world order, or go right to restore Constitutional principles. The GOP is divided and adrift. If Democrats recapture the House this year and Hillary is elected president in 2016, it would mean 10 more years of radicals in the White House with full control over Congress. Two or more radical Justices would be added to the Supreme Court, setting the stage for transforming the U.S. into a centralized tyrannical regime under Marxist dogma

To reverse America’s six-year decline under Obama and return power to the people, Congress must be swept clean of career elitist politicians and replaced with dedicated, bold and fiscally conservative new members. Voters would welcome being given a choice between how the Democrats and GOP govern and how a new Stars & Stripes Reform Party would govern. The new party offers voters a contract with America II, a realistic no-nonsense blueprint for governing with a broad legislative agenda, goals and objectives and proposals for solving our nation’s problems. It even proposes a Constitutional amendment that would limit members to one four-year term in Congress. A draft is at:


Tony Greco, 

Oro Valley

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