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Kindness counts

It’s a rare occasion that I get to write a letter to the editor that does not concern Oro Valley politics.

On Saturday morning, I was approaching the drive-in window of a local Starbucks when another car approached from the opposite direction at the exact same time.  We both had our turn signals on, but the driver of the other car was in a much more precarious position in this crowded parking lot than I was, so I waved for her to go first.  Then, when I got to the window to pay for my order, I was told that the person in front of me had already paid for my coffee.  What a nice surprise!

I was given an opportunity to thank her when we were both stopped at the red light at the parking lot exit.  I quickly got out of my car and walked up to her car.  She opened her window and wished me a Merry Christmas.  I replied in kind and told her that she had made my day.

So, to the nice woman in the Honda with the “Be Kind” sticker in the back window, thanks again.  We should all be kind to other people, and not just around the holidays.  We should try to do this every day of our lives.

—Robert Peters



No more shame game

In regard to Dec. 20 letter, “Shame on me?”: Regarding a previous letter referencing Mr. Solomon’s comments at the Dec. 6 town council meeting, I admittedly misquoted him. 

I quoted him as saying, “If you hate Oro Valley so much, you should leave.” He responded in a letter the next week with his actual quote accompanied by the time stamp for the meeting video. What he actually said was, “If you don’t want to live in Oro Valley because you don’t like it, don’t live in Oro Valley.” 

He is correct and I apologize for my mistake. The sentiment at the meeting felt the same, to me and to many others present, but the words were different. Oro Valley is a beautiful place to live and we just want to keep it that way. We will continue to stand up, to speak out and to do what we can to ensure it retains its natural beauty and small town feel.

—April Dinsdale



Golf courses or fields?

For six months, all the mayor and council talked about was sports fields for kids to pass a $17 million bond and property tax. Since the 454 Bond was voted down three-to-one, no mention has been made of fields for Oro Valley youth.

To learn why all one has to do is to look where the Town has spent their recreation dollars. Since buying the El Conquistador golf courses in May 2015, Oro Valley has lost $5.7 million from golf operations and has budgeted to lose another $2.3 million this year.

 It seems that our mayor and council care more about subsidizing 250 country club golfers at $10,000 per year per club member than building sports fields for kids.

But even they knew this had to stop, so the council spent another $50,000 for the National Golf Foundation to conduct a study and recommend ways the town could continue to subsidize golf but at a lower cost.

Remember all the town press releases on the 454 bond?

No mention has been made about the NGF golf study. It was presented in a council study session following a July council special session and went unnoticed. Good luck finding it on the town website. No public meetings were provided if you are not a golf member or don’t live near the courses. Why?

Because the NGF study recommends spending another $4.6 million to rebuild the 36 holes into 27 holes plus $3 million to rebuild the 9-hole course at the Hilton resort. 

Why? So, the town after years of rebuilding and losing $2 million each year can lower the losses to $1 million every year in the future.

Oro Valley won’t be building kids’ sports fields, since the council is planning to  “double down “ and spent millions more to subsidize golf.

—Jack Stinnett 

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