Fire Finchem

Finchem needs to go.

One of the perpetrators of this week’s disgusting display of anti-Americanism in our nation’s capital was Legislative District 11 Rep. Mark Finchem. 

This low-life conspiracy monger has been prattling on and on for years about Trump’s “stolen election,” ISIS troops massed across the border waiting to invade, etc., etc. He has been spouting this venom as long as he has been our representative.

I can assure readers that no true American patriot would ever vote for this incompetent fear monger, but he just got reelected. Those of you who voted for him; what were you thinking? He is not a credible representative of our people, and he must go. Mark, do one honorable thing. Resign..

—Jack Evert


Blame Dems

The protest in the capital by supporters of President Trump on January 6 is eerily similar to the invasion of the capital by hordes of howling, shrieking, spitting and threatening Democrat protestors during the Kavanaugh hearings, as the Democrat protestors attempted to derail the lawful and constitutional confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. 

The only difference between the two protests is the invasion by the Democrat protestors went on for days, and they were celebrated as heroes by the Democrat party and the media.

—Rick Cunnington

Oro Valley


Disgraceful Coup Attempt

I am an Army veteran, retired Lieutenant Colonel, and 1994 West Point graduate. As an American citizen who proudly served on active duty for over 23 years, sacrificing to defend our nation’s democracy, I must speak out about the disgraceful coup attempt that we witnessed on Jan. 6. There must be accountability for all those who conspired to undermine our free and fair elections through violence and intimidation, and that includes the cynical elected officials who pandered to Trump and his vile conspiracy theories. 

Enablers like West Point graduates, Congressman Dr. Mark Green (Class of 1986) and Congressman Warren Davidson (Class of 1995), are equally complicit along with Trump in the violent mob scene we saw desecrating the people’s Capitol. We cannot allow promoters of seditious lies to enjoy the honor of serving in our Congress. They have betrayed us through their willful abuse of power. This crisis has been brewing for years, as millions of people watched a growing political movement motivated by cruelty, resentment, and ignorance grow to a violent mob now trying to seize power, whatever the costs to our country. 

The only acceptable option for American citizens still dedicated to the rule of law is to unite and demand our remaining elected leaders and law enforcement prosecute those political leaders responsible for this debacle. Anything else would invite further attempts to seize power, and further acts of violence and chaos.

— Dana Allmond



Distracted Driving

Is everyone familiar with the Oro Valley ordinance (now State of AZ law) regarding using a cell phone while driving? This afternoon, while working in my front yard, I noticed four drivers in a row driving with the right hand, while using their cell phone with their left hand. 

Can we please put an end to this insanity? Driving impaired is illegal. 

In my opinion, distracted driving is just as bad and in some cases, maybe worse! I would ask the local driving population to please put down your phone while driving and pay attention to what’s in front of you...and what’s coming at you. 

The life you save may be your own.

—Randy Herberholtz

Oro Valley


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