Late on the night of Jan. 13, I heard a mighty crack and found what looked like a crime scene. My six-foot, 86 year-old husband, Frank McGee, had fallen and hit the back of his head on the tile floor of our bathroom.  Emergency help was at our home within minutes, and a remarkable crew took Frank in hand. They found no heart issue on their monitors, but major concussion, and decided, with my agreement, to transport him to the UMC trauma center in Tucson. The ambulance trip was smooth and quiet, with the driver keeping attendants informed when she was about to turn or stop. 

At UMC during his head x-ray, Frank’s heart stopped three times. A pacemaker was immediately implanted. I can’t help but feel that the decision to take him to the trauma center saved his life. 

Yesterday we visited our local fire station to thank those men. One remembered the event. “There was a lot of blood,” he said. I was so glad to have Frank standing beside me there, and would like everyone in Oro Valley to know of this as another example of what an invaluable community resource we have. I will never forget the kindness we received.      

Before we left for the hospital, one firefighter told me which papers to bring, how to leave the house, and said there were two bloody towels in plastic bags in our laundry room. When I returned home the next day and went to clean up the bathroom, there was not a trace of blood anywhere.


Helen McGee,


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