Kudos to Danehy

Regarding  “RIP, Charron Campbell: Losing an Amphi High basketball standout far too soon” (June 30): I don’t usually have positive comments for Tom Danehy, as our politics differ. But, I want to thank Tom for telling us about Charron Campbell, the Amphi basketball great. I had seen a post on Facebook about her but didn’t read the detail. His Explorer article told a beautiful story about a beautiful young person. You can feel his passion in the printed words. 

May her soul rest in peace!!!


— Don Cox, Oro Valley


Follow Trump, Get Vaccinated

Let’s remind the intentionally unvaccinated people in Pima County that Donald Trump’s entire family sought out and received free COVID vaccinations before they left the White House in January. Unfortunately they were unwilling to use their jabs for the public good—to encourage others to follow their example. (“Do as I say, not as I do.”) Since then, they remain vaccinated and healthy. 

Unvaccinated Arizonans and snowbirds are keeping Pima County and the rest of Arizona from reaching herd immunity and its many benefits, including freedom from masks. 

The majority of COVID cases and deaths now happen to unvaccinated victims. Like someone driving 20 mph in the passing lane of a 45-mph roadway, the unvaccinated are holding back their local economies. I won’t go to a restaurant or theatre event or browse in a store because unmasked, unvaccinated people can spread the Delta variant everywhere they go. 

Why not follow in Trump’s footsteps and get your free COVID shot now? He didn’t need an appointment and neither do you.


—Lois Berkowitz, Oro Valley


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