Firstly, I don’t think politics has any place in a weekly shopper.

That said, the only “hoax” is the fact that the Marana News chose to waste ink and paper publishing Richard Brinkley’s Koch Brothers ridiculous talking points.  I’m pretty sure that Richard Brinkley thinks that the Earth is flat and when the ice caps melt the water will roll over the edge.  He probably doesn’t believe in math either because it uses Arabic numerals.  Most of the rest of us, however, aren’t that stupid.   If I want “facts” that are simply pulled out of some derriere and thrown against the wall, I’ll turn on Fox “news”.  I don’t need that trash thrown on my driveway every week.

Buddy P. Gill,


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John Flanagan

Another reader who only wants facts he is comfortable a free press must only print what you like?

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