I have to respond to the letter in the July 16 issue, “Upset with Oro Valley Police”.  If I understand the situation, the writer was minding his own business, sipping coffee behind the wheel, doing 41 in a 30, heading to a critical appointment at the dog park.  And even though he’d been busted for speeding twice in less than a year, he’s outraged at being stopped yet again by fascist cops for only exceeding the speed limit by 37 percent.  I think the problem here is not with the OVPD.  

I would offer the following advice to my fellow “old fogeys”  Relax!  It took me awhile to realize as a retiree there aren’t many places I have to be at any particular time.  For scheduled appointments, I give myself plenty of time (I’ve got lots of it).  I’ve lived here 17 years and have never been pulled over and I don’t worry about strokes or heart attacks (at least due to the police--other drivers are a different story).  Why?  I obey the law.  

Just that simple.  Try it.  Your blood pressure, not to mention pedestrians, bicycle riders, and fellow motorists, will thank you.


Bill Niehaus,

Oro Valley

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