I read with interest the recent story detailing the facts in the latest string of missteps of Oro Valley Councilman Mike Zinkin. After reading the facts presented by the Explorer, several things are reasonably clear. 

A violation of Arizona Statute 28-664 occurred. Mr. Zinkin did not notify the owner and did not leave the required information on the vehicle he hit. In the statute there is no mention of damage. So the apparent lack of damage does not relieve Zinkin of his obligation. It does appear that Zinkin had no intent of making any attempt to notify the owner. So at the very least he is guilty of

a Class 3 Misdemeanor.

And lastly, once again everybody else involved in the incident “got it wrong” except Zinkin.

This pattern (every one else is wrong except me) seems to follow Mr. Zinkin. There comes a point at which Mr. Zinkin needs to man-up to his shortcomings and take responsibility for his actions.


Don Cox,

Oro Valley

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