Obama is hiding something

Re: Peggy Hartsuck’s letter in the August 8 edition of the Explorer

She states “First of all, Obama doesn’t have anything to hide.”

Well if that is the case why as his first act after becoming President did he sign his first Executive Order sealing all his personal records from kindergarten through his college years and more?

Those sealed records cover school records, passports and much more.  This is the first President to take such action. He is spending millions of dollars, I would not doubt some is taxpayer money, to keep those records sealed.  Now, for someone who HAS NOTHING TO HIDE, why such drastic action?

Do not put all the blame for the mess of our economy on the GOP.  Obama’s first year or so in office, he had both a Democratic controlled House and Senate.  They did nothing but increase the national debt.

As to Romney’s millionaire supporters, where are the millions of dollars for Obama’s support coming from?  Try Big Labor Unions, Hollywood big money, and some quarters question if some is  coming from foreign entities.

So who is really hiding something dramatic?

Stanley W. Augustyniewicz, Jr.,


Obama should open his records

Obama’s So-Called Sealed Records -  There has been much controversy over the fact that there is little personal information known about Obama. This stems from the “birther” accusations and follows a tortuous path all the way to the source of his personal social security number.

Some critics argue that “someone” (Obama?) has ordered that this information be “sealed.” Let’s examine this point. Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition defines “Sealing of Records” as “Statutes in some states permit a person’s criminal record to be sealed and thereafter such records cannot be examined except by order of the court or by designated officials.”

So given the legal definition, I believe we can safely assume that these are not criminal records we are seeking, but merely verified facts about a person’s activities and accomplishments. The latest list includes Obama’s school records, birth certificate (yes, that’s still in question), college transcripts, theses- if written, how he paid his college cost for both Columbia and Harvard and probably the most troublesome, how did he qualify for a Foreign Student Fulbright Scholarship? And there is also the passport origin that he used to travel on while on his Fulbright.

So I say to all of you, no arm of any form of government has prevented us from review of the above. Only one person could prevent their disclosure. That person is Barack Hussein Obama. If he wants Mitt Romney to disclose more tax records, then let him take the first step and open up his college transcripts. Who is hiding what?

Edward W. Kennedy,


Cannot support Ryan as VP pick

While I was willing to give Gov. Romney’s hands off economic policies a chance, I cannot support the extremist social, economic, and political views of Paul Ryan.

To actually say that social security and Medicaid are welfare programs that must be eliminated, to want to restrict women’s rights and do away with many civil rights to promote his own far right religious agenda is just too much for a Vice-Presidential candidate.

The US is not Iran, one religious dictatorship is the same as another. Mr. Romney, you have lost my vote.

George Krueger,

Oro Valley

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It's a shame the Explorer News does not check facts on WWW.FACTCHECK.ORG before publishing letters that are filled with lies and mistruths. Mudslinging does not stick when it's aimed so far to the right. See http://www.factcheck.org/2012/07/obamas-sealed-records/ to verify that NONE of the accusations in the Saddlebrook letters vilifying Barack Obama is true.

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