am a Catalina Foothills resident within the new proposed annexation area of Golder Ranch. I unequivocally oppose the annexation attempt and urge all Foothills residents not to sign the petition. The clear motivation for the attempted annexation is no doubt the Foothills tax base. Property values will increase over time, which in turn ensures that those of us in the Foothills will pay more for fire service from Golder Ranch, as it is tied to assessed property values. Foothills residents will in effect subsidize other Golder Ranch areas. This is not fair to Foothills residents who are happy with the fire service provided by Rural/Metro for over forty years. Foothills residents did not seek Golder Ranch out for services or annexation. Golder Ranch is proposing a “solution” where there is no problem. This is not a safety issue. Rural/Metro has provided sound fire and emergency service throughout the Foothills for many years. If Foothills residents were not satisfied, they would have tossed Rural/Metro out long ago. This is simply a money issue. Market forces stabilize what Rural/Metro can charge and what Foothills residents are willing to pay. It is clear that Golder Ranch wants the Foothills “golden goose” tax base to fund its expenses in other areas. Foothills residents do not want another layer of government or additional taxation. They do not want to be locked into paying for fire service with costs that cannot be controlled. Do not sign the petition—tell Golder Ranch “no.”


Amy Hernandez,


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