Keep Finchem 

State Rep. Mark Finchem is facing a recall. Why? Because he is fighting for Voter Integrity for the people he represents? He just wants your vote to count. Don’t you? 

The 10,000 people who signed the petition, have you met him? The people organizing the recall, have you met him? Well, I have met him and trust me, he is passionate about preserving his constituents their right to a free and fair election—an election process that Federal electors are trying to take away from the States and Federalize Elections in HR-1 (S-1) bills in the Congress of the United State of America.  Don’t let them do it. Voter ID is good and ballot harvesting is not. And trust that Mark Finchem is fighting for your freedoms and rights. 

Elections matter, right? So before you recall someone who is passionately fighting for you and your state rights to a fair election, meet him first. The recall efforts say that Mark stoked voter fraud conspiracies. Voter regulations are the responsibility of your state legislators and when the responsibility is taken away from them and rules changed, don’t you just wonder why? That’s not a conspiracy, that’s a fact!

— Pamela Furrie, Oro Valley resident


Dump Finchem 

At the recent recall effort for Rep. Mark Finchem at the Oro Valley Library last week, disgruntled Finchem supporter Melvyn Hockwitt didn’t seem to understand freedom of speech, along with the freedom to petition the government in a recall drive to oust Finchem. News reports show that the Oro Valley Police charged Mr. Hockwitt with disorderly conduct a Class 1 misdemeanor. Mr. Hockwitt claimed that asking him to sign the recall petition “got under his skin.” I guess having a free and fair election for President also got under Mr. Hockwitt’s skin. 

I’m sure that Finchem doesn’t condone this kind of behavior from a supporter but he should be held accountable for the reason for the recall in the first place: his misguided association with the Oath Keepers, his traveling to Washington D.C. to participated in the Stop the Steal all because he didn’t like the result of a free and fair election. Finchem also admitted that he did go to the Capitol, but he didn’t participate in the tragic events that followed. 

Finchem doesn’t seem to understand that his words and actions have consequences. His false statements in the past haven’t seemed to have any effect on keeping him from to telling the truth. Like at the New Life Bible Fellowship, where he said “There is a vast conspiracy linking Palestinian terrorist groups, La Raza activists, training camps in Northern Mexico, drug traffickers and Muslim student associations in Arizona.” Or when he claimed that he was being “inundated with calls, e-mails, letters and phone calls regarding HB 2002 to block educators from engaging in classroom political advocacy, but public records request from the Arizona Republic found he heard from just one. Being a good conservative Republican, Finchem knows this saying from the Bible: “If anyone knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is a sin for them. (James 4: 17)

— Clyde Steele, Oro Valley resident

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