Dave Safier certainly stirred a hornet’s nest with his essay defending the Democratic Party.  

I feel compelled to correct some of his critics’ statements.

John Spitler states that  “the majority of scientists say that there is no evidence” of global warming.  That is a completely absurd statement.   My guess is that he got that nugget of nonsense from the esteemed scientific team of Hannity and Limbaugh.

Mark Finchem says that Social Security is “the most mismanaged program in our history”.  And his evidence for that?  In fact, Social Security is a self-funding program which has been paying monthly checks to millions of Americans for decades and will continue to do so unless the Republicans in Congress manage to cripple it by privatization.  

Mr.  Finchem also refers to “liberal Republicans”.   Not in our day and age.  That’s like talking about vegetarian cannibals.  If they’re vegetarians, they’re not cannibals.  And if they’re liberal, they’re not Republican.  The likes of Mark Hatfield and Pete McCloskey are long gone, pushed out by extremists who prefer to call themselves “conservatives”.

Mr. Finchem also calls the Affordable Care Act “an insurance scam”.  Maybe he isn’t aware that the insurance industry has been running and scamming health care in this country for a long time.  The ACA is a timid attempt to make the system a little fairer.  Weak as it is, not a single Republican voted for it.  I can’t figure out why those liberal Republicans that Mark referred to didn’t support it.   


David Steinberg,


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