I see we have a live theatre called The Great American Playhouse opening in Oro Valley. It will be nice to have live theatre in this part of town. 

I am a little disturbed because it seems to be a rip off of the Gaslight Theatre, right down to the food menu, free popcorn, ticket prices, actors walking into the audience, audience booing and cheering, and the oleo at the end of the show. They have a big mountain to climb if they hope to top what the Gaslight Theatre has done so well for 30 years. 

I realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it is too bad they didn’t come up with a more original concept instead of copying such a unique and established community icon.


Robert Grassi,


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Nancy LaViola was heavily involved with Gaslight. Maybe she is opening this with Gaslight's support/involvement?


Last night we went to the opening of the Great American Playhouse. The play was fun, the players talented, the servers enthusiastic, and the audience had a great time. We are so pleased to have live theater in Oro Valley. The Gaslight had a terrific idea and have had a good run. In a community of one million they can stand some competition.

Congratulations, Nancy and Sean!


How strange that you posted this before the theater had even opened!!!! I have to say, The Great American playhouse is run with intergity, has extremely talented actors, an amazing music director, and owners with heart! Oro Valley and all surrounding areas welcome it with open arms.

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