Letters to Editor

Realistic projection?

Regarding Feb. 14 cover story “Oro Valley considering community center and golf changes”: Financial information on the center indicates a first year deficit of $860,000. During the previous fiscal year the deficit was $259,000. Through November (I assume 2017), the deficit is $376,000. 

Given the kind past financial performance, I would be very interested in learning what rabbit the community center is pulling out of the hat to get a $72,000 operating surplus! 

—Ihor Kunasz


Protect public land

The Arizona legislature continues to bring back bills that threaten our state’s public lands. They are short sighted and do not understand that Arizonans believe we are custodians of our unspoiled natural areas. 

If we want to preserve our public lands for future generations, we must be alert and pro-active. The current governor and legislators have their sights set on privatization and exploitation rather than conservation. Even Arizona’s decades-old leadership in water management is being undermined while we face drought conditions.  

Let’s take our stewardship seriously and not allow short-term profit motives to rob future Arizonans of what nature has bestowed on us. We need to act now by working to elect a governor and state legislators who take this issue seriously!

—Gary Hammond

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In response to Mr. Hammonds comment, 81%+ of the land in Arizona is either tribal, state or federally owned. I submit that we have plenty of land that could be privately owned and devoted to uses that produce revenue for the state.

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