Kirkpatrick running from record

If Ann Kirkpatrick wants to win back her seat in Congress, she’s eventually going to have to face CD1 voters in a public setting. As a candidate for Federal office, you’d think that Kirkpatrick would want to address the people she’d be representing in Congress. Yet, so far, Kirkpatrick has refused to attend nearly every public event hosted for the CD1 Congressional candidates, including forums and debates. Her campaign has cited “scheduling conflicts” as the reason for her non-appearance. However, I am convinced that this pattern stems more from Kirkpatrick not wanting to answer questions about her record in Congress than having a conflicting campaign schedule.

For example, here are just a few public events she recently chose to skip:

1. Primary forum hosted by the White Mountain Democrats

2. Candidate forum hosted by the Maricopa Monitor and InMaricopa.

3. Televised Debate hosted by KUAT. This isn’t the first time Kirkpatrick has avoided facing voters in public.

On August 6, 2009, she famously walked out of her own town hall meeting in Holbrook when asked questions about Obamacare and her support of the controversial legislation. True representatives of the people don’t shy away from those they represent; rather, they meet with them in a public setting and listen to their questions and concerns, even when it’s difficult. This is what Ann Kirkpatrick needs to do if she wants to represent the voters of Southern Arizona in Washington, but up to now, she hasn’t demonstrated a willingness to do so.

Nicholas Farnsworth,


Money doesn’t fix everything

Thelma Grimes’ editorial piece shows that she is a caring person with a good heart. I agree with her opinion that teachers deserve our respect and admiration. Most of them are dedicated, caring people who work miracles with our children. Some of them, however, are not so dedicated. They become tenured and go through the motions of teaching their students. The teacher’s unions are so powerful that it is difficult to get them fired. Karen Lewis, Chicago Teacher’s Union President, doesn’t want that to change. By her own account, she would lose 6,000 teachers if they had to be held to higher standards. These standards will not hurt GOOD teachers. Chicago teachers, according to the Chicago Public Schools website, make an average of $74,839. The median income in Chicago, according to the 2010 census, is $38,625. Only 56 precent of Chicago students graduate high school. They spend $13,078 per child, also on website. This should be a lesson to all of us that we can throw more money at a problem, but it won’t fix it.

Angela Puffer,

Oro Valley

What does Romney remember?

Recently, at a campaign rally in Virginia, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said he remembered reciting the Pledge of Allegiance when he was in the fourth grade, but he can’t recall an incident several years later when he and some of his classmates forcibly gave a fellow classmate a demeaning haircut.

 Is that selective memory or Stage 2 of Alzheimer’s disease?  Some of his remarks, which he later retracted, and then retracted the retraction, point to the latter.


Jerry Lujan,


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