The following is a Facebook post on one of my grandsons’ Facebook page. “My beautiful mom she means the world to me I don’t know what I‘d do without her! I have the BEST MOM IN THE UNIVERSE!!!” It also had a picture of her smiling and making a victory sign. This brought tears to my eyes. This grandson has grown through a pretty difficult life and I realize the depth of his statement. He is 20 now, has his own apartment, works as an assistant manager for Jimmy John’s, attends Pima County Community College, and is an aspiring artist. 

His mother and father are divorced and he has two younger brothers, aged 10 and 11. The two younger boys live with their mother in Tucson. Their father is a child support evader ($40,000 in arrears) and has not yet been brought to justice.

His mom works at Tucson Mall. It’s quite hard on her health to be so stressed, being the sole support, emotionally and financially for the family. 

In addition, one of the boys is a special needs student. She’s done a remarkable job of keeping it together for the boys, but she could sure benefit from some help.

As a first grader, his mom and my daughter, chose to be Wonder Woman for her Halloween costume. I made the costume for her and she was quite upset because I put straps on it. Her older sister laughed and asked her how she expected to keep it up. Little did I know that in her grown-up life she would truly become, not only to her eldest son, but to her mother too, “Wonder Woman”.


Pat Brady,


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