Refund is not such a nice gesture

Today I received a check from my health insurer because their Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) calculation showed that in 2011 they overcharged for administrative costs relative to their spending on medical expenses. I’m sure many other people are receiving these checks. While the accompanying booklet makes it sound as though BlueCross/BlueShield of Arizona is sending me this money out of the goodness of their hearts, in fact this rebate is a requirement per the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).

I hope that people who have vehemently opposed “Obamacare” will tear up their checks or mail them back to their insurers, because they do not support this law. What a good way to protest its existence! I am cashing my check. I think Obamacare is good legislation and feel I deserve this rebate. My insurer raised my premiums for 2012 over 10 percent while diminishing my benefits. Maybe next year’s rebate will be even larger.

Lois Berkowitz,

Oro Valley

It is Obama who is hiding things

RE: July 25th Opinion Letter from Brian Clymer

I was absolutely blown away by Mr. Clymer’s letter entitled “What is Romney hiding?” Seriously? I believe Mr. Clymer is confused on who is hiding things. Mr. Clymer, please explain why Obama’s Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard college records, including thesis papers, are all sealed? Seems like a thesis papers should be a very benign disclosure. Don’t you think?

Can you also explain why Obama’s medical records and selective service registration are sealed? Obama’s Illinois State Senate schedule and senate records sealed. This was public civil service and should open for anyone’s review, wouldn’t you agree?

Mr. Clymer, the person really hiding information is Obama. Oh, and don’t worry about Romney’s tax records. The mainstream media will pound him into submission. So be patient Mr. Clymer, you’ll see Romney’s tax returns in due time. However, I don’t believe it will affect your beliefs one bit.

Randy Gregg,

Oro Valley

Federal government must act soon

Arizona will face a jobs loss and a further economic downturn if the federal government does not act to stop the cuts to the Defense Department budget that is set to take place in 5 months.

We are on track to be the preferred training facility for the much-vaunted F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet at Luke Air Force Base and Tucson International.

The Senate has chosen to address cyber security issues before the defense authorization. The biggest cuts in the budget are in the Defense Department even though it is only 20 percent of the total budget.

Surely the most vital part of the Defense budget is for the F-35 Fighter Jet. Not only will Arizona suffer from the loss of jobs, but our national security may never recover.

We need to demand more from those who represent us in Washington.

Wendy Almstead,


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Wendy Almstead; I agree the loss of funding for the F-35 is a bad idea that will affect our country's ability to protect itself. Russia and China, sensing a weakening of American resolve, are increasing funding for naval and air force supremacy as Obama and progressives redirect military funding to social dependency programs. You answered your own question when you correctly point out that the loss of jobs would be detrimental to our ability to protect ourselves economically and militarily. What the no-budget for going on four years Senate and President appear to be doing is creating dependency at the cost of military preparedness. Vote accordingly!


Randy Gregg; Apparently Mr. Clymer relies on talking points from a compliant and biased media and/or democratic shills attempting to maintain power for another four years at any cost. One of the most obvious lies is the democrats and media insistence that Romney/Paul will push granny over the cliff concerning medicare. R and R have already gone on record stating that folks 55 and older will NOT BE AFFECTED. Those 54 and younger will be given the choice to go private or go the medicare route with their vouchers. Also no mention that Obamacare is being financed by taking 750 billion over a period from medicare to fund Obamacare. Granny can worry about going over that fiscal cliff because of Obama and not Romney/Ryan. Do your research folks and decide based on the facts not the disseminations from a biased media and crony political shills trying to maintain political power at our expense. Facts to this administration is like kryptonite to Superman which is why the deflect attention away from their abject failure to do the jobs they promised.

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