I never thought that I would agree with Mr. Brinkley, unfortunately it’s just two words, “Income Inequality”. The rest of Mr. Brinkley’s article would be equated to George Bush Sr. remarks about then Gov. Reagan’s economic policy as  “Voodoo economics”.  

He starts his article with a reference to Alinsky, when the man’s name is Saul David Alinsky, who was a community organizer and writer.  His main focus was improving the living conditions of poor communities across America.  Later on in his life he turned his attention to working for the one-man one vote principal.  Mr. Alinsky even has had a positive effect on the Tea Party.   

Mr. Adam Brandon, a spokesman for the conservative non-profit organization Freedom Works, one of the groups that was involved with organizing the Tea Party protest, said that the group gives Rules for Radicals, to it’s top leadership members.  They then changed it to Rules for Patriots, and distributed it to the entire network.  In a Wall Street Journal article in 2012 Mr. Brandon explained, “Alinsky tactics, when it comes to grass-roots organizing is incredibly effective”.  The reader can check this out on Wikipedia. Two weeks ago, a venture capitalist Tom Perkins compared the Nazi Persecution and mass murder of the Jewish population in WW 2, “to the progressive war on American’s 1 percent.  If that were not vulgar and evil enough, one week later he decided to double down and made a remark on CNN that if you pay no taxes you don’t get a vote.  If corporations pay a million in taxes they get one million votes.  I guess Mitt Romney was right, Corporations are people. Even Warren Buffet last week said that there is class warfare in America, and his side is winning.  

This is not a problem between Democrats and Republicans, right versus left; it’s about top versus bottom.


Clyde R. Steele,


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