I am with Citizens for an Ethical Congress. We are concerned about corruption in the US Congress – such issues as insider trading, earmarks, extorting money from the private sector, collecting and spending campaign funds illegally, and a general lack of transparency. These issues are wide-spread through both the US House and the Senate and through both the Democrat and Republican parties. 

We have written 14 proposed reforms and have submitted them (numerous times), in the form of a questionnaire, to each of the 28 congressional candidates in Arizona. We are trying to interview each and to get their insights and positions on these reforms.

To date, we have obtained a completed questionnaire from only four candidates: Chuck Wooten (CD-2), Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (CD-3), Mikel Weisser (CD-4), and Clair Van Steenwyck (CD-8). Each supported the proposed reforms and gave some thoughtful comments.
We don’t know why any candidate should expect our votes if he/she won’t even respond to our concerns regarding unethical practices in Congress. The reforms and the four completed questionnaires are available at www.atimeforintegrity.com.

We ask you to contact the candidates in your congressional district and challenge them to respond to these reforms.

Dudley Bourne, Oro Valley

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