I was pleased to see Mr. Zinkin respond to the comments made by Mayor Hiremath. Why? Because his response provides us with insight into his character and integrity which, contrary to his commentary, is the basis of the recall effort. The recall has nothing to do with the management of the police department, nor the election or re-election of anyone (except that allowing him to remain in office means that our community condones sexist and racist attitudes). 

On Aug. 12, 2012, Town Manager sent an e-mail to Councilman Zinkin, referencing “Inappropriate comments”, “a workplace free of hostility, discrimination and/or unwelcome comments.” In addition the term “inappropriate behavior” was mentioned twice in the e-mail. The town manager also informed Mayor Hiremath of the complaint filed by the employee. Are we to believe that the town manager took these actions and chose these words without justification? Are we to believe that Mr. Caton used the terms he used because Councilman Zinkin’s conduct was proper and/or suitable? I think not…rather, just the opposite.

On Aug. 17, 2012 Mayor Hiremath telephoned Councilman Zinkin to address the issues raised by the Town Manager. In his note to file, we learned that Zinkin’s “inappropriate language” in front of or directed to “her” was not a one-time slip of the tongue, but had occurred on multiple occasions. During the course of this conversation the Mayor stated for the record, “Councilman Zinkin thanked me for the call and apologized.” Are we to once again believe that the Mayor took the action he did, without justification? 

If falsely accused, as Zinkin now wants us to believe, why did Zinkin thank Mayor Hiremath and then apologize for his behavior? What type of person apologizes for an action and then later denies the action? It’s interesting, also, that Zinkin apologized to Mayor Hiremath but there is no record of Zinkin ever apologizing to the violated employee.

Also, nowhere in his Explorer response did Councilman Zinkin address his racist comments toward Hispanics, which are well documented also. 

Councilman Zinkin has violated the trust placed in him by those who elected him. I would be interested to hear how they feel about him now. Or were they already aware that their elected official is condescending and disrespectful toward women and minorities, and they are OK with that? That is an even scarier thought. The bottom line, though, is that these are facts, and I find it hard to believe that the good people of Oro Valley are OK with such serious character flaws in someone who is an elected town official. These are not healthy attitudes and appropriate behaviors in mainstream society, much less in an elected official. 

Mr. Zinkin has exhibited inappropriate behaviors and a lack of moral fiber and I for one have signed the petition for his recall. l believe that once Oro Valley residents are made aware of the facts, they will demand his recall as well. At the very least, every female and Hispanic resident should be appalled by his attitude and actions.


Bonnie Quinn,

Oro Valley

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